Folly Interviewed Ty May 21, 2014


… if you’ve ever wondered what makes this dude tick, then you’ve gotta read this interview over at Folly for gems like this:

“The name Tytanium actually first came from an old friend of mine Brian Terada. He made a sticker that said Tytanium and put it on my BMX bike when we used to ride. I always kind of thought it was a cool play on my name and was a fan of Titanium parts. It did not really stick until 2007 when I had a pretty good motorcycle crash in the Baja 1000 that ended with me having a lot of Titanium holding my face together. I think it was just meant to be at that point…”

And Matt, I’ve been supporting GSC for way longer than a year and a half!

  • Tyler Johnson

    Great Read! Yo Ty when you were at Tahoe for the trials was it at the Fat Tire festival? Did a BMX national in the 90s carved into the side of Tahoe and there was all these crazy kids on trials bikes I had never seen before, thinking you were one of em…

  • James Thurston

    Hey Ty, how many people reading this do you think know who Brian Terrada is. I love it when bmx kids start riding everything else.