Mission Workshop: LUCID – On the Road with TYCHO Apr 10, 2014

I don’t know how many of you are into TYCHO but I’m stoked on how this project with Mission Workshop turned out:

“Mission Workshop and FILTER Magazine went on tour with San Francisco band Tycho, to capture the life of touring musicians. At first glance, it can seem wildly glamorous: Late nights, different cities, fans that adore you…But look a little deeper and you’ll see that the reality of life on the road is very much to the contrary. Though there are good times to be had, the majority of a touring musician’s life is spent in transition. Transition from city to city, venue to venue, and hotel to hotel. Mission Workshop documented a set of shows just prior to the 2014 Awake tour with Filter Magazine and created a photo collection called Lucid.”

View LUCID at Mission Workshop and check out that 40-page book they printed too!

  • Jamie McKeon

    this was so good!

  • Tycho! dude, respect!

  • @Brienhall

    Nice, great collaboration idea. Haven’t found the time to check out the latest Tycho record, but it sounds dope

  • Spencer Brown

    Yes! Tycho is the chillest