Radar Roundup: Salsa Updated MTBs, Mission Baja SS, Shovel Research at Crust, Hike a Bike Harness, Lil Pill, Square Cycling, and Bikepacking Enduro Races


Radar Roundup: Salsa Updated MTBs, Mission Baja SS, Shovel Research at Crust, Hike a Bike Harness, Lil Pill, Square Cycling, and Bikepacking Enduro Races

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Blackthorn, Cassidy, and Rustler

Salsa Updates the Cassidy, Blackthorn, and Rustler Color and Spec

Springtime means updates, and Salsa just updated its three full suspension models with new colors and specs.

Starting with Blackthorn: Salsa’s 29er all-mountain bike. It’s a well-balanced machine built for riding rugged descents, technical climbs, and everything in between. It hits a sweet spot in the 29″ full suspension mountain bike category—the active rear end stays planted while climbing and descending while the geometry and travel make for an exceptionally stable ride through rocks, roots, drops, jumps, and anything else you come across.

Cassidy is their enduro 29er, built for tackling big terrain when hunting down the world’s most rowdy descents or climbing technical trails with finesse. Compared to the other aluminum and carbon enduro bike options out there, Cassidy offers incredible stability and traction with a unique set of features.

Last but not least is the Rustler 27.5″ trail bike. It rewards riders who throw some body language into their riding and brings out the fun in every little trail feature. The supportive Split Pivot suspension design, a short wheelbase, and 27.5″ wheels make for a nimble bike that loves to cut loose.

Each of these bikes has completely new specs and colors.

See the Blackthorn, Cassidy, and Rustler at Salsa.

Mission Workshop Baja SS Jerseys $115

Incorporating the same proven performance as our Mission Pro Tech Tees, this limited edition features custom graphics inspired by the golden age of moto and off-road adventure. Crafted in Italy from an Italian open-knit dimensional-mesh that exponentially increases surface area for tremendous breathability and rapid drying making it ideal for Baja, back roads or anywhere in between.

See more at Mission Workshop.

Shovel Research Rod Steward Now at Crust Bikes $100

The Fab’s Chest is, in fact, the best, but sometimes it needs a little support out there. Shovel Research’s Rod Steward is the number one precision cnc’d bag support for the Ron’s Bikes Fab’s Chest. It comes in two sizes, Small and Large. The Small size designates it having an 11″ crossbar for the Small Fab’s Chest, while the Large has a 14″ crossbar for, you guessed it, the Large Fab’s Chest. It comes with all the necessary hardware to mount it to your bag and bike.

The Rod Steward’s width is non-adjustable. It is optimized to be installed into mid-blade mounts on wide clearance rigid forks. It could possibly be installed on mid-seatstay eyelets for saddle bag applications. It is too wide for narrower road style forks, and cannot be installed into the top rack eyelets on seat stays and forks.

For more install info or any additional info about using it with other bags head over to -> Shovel Research <-

Scoop a Rod Steward at Crust Bikes.

Restrap Hike a Bike Harness $79.99

If putting your bike on your back like how MTBers carry it ain’t your thing, then Restrap has a harness for you. Whether you’re tackling steep mountain trails or rugged terrain off road, this harness is designed to make your journey easier and more enjoyable. The Hike-a-bike Harness is quick and easy to fit to most bikes, allowing you to go from carrying your bike to riding in a matter of seconds.

Check out more specs on the Hike a Bike Harness at Restrap.

Lil Pill by Thumbster ¥2,860

Japanese bike shops really embrace rim brake bikes. Take for instance these Lil Pill cable yokes by KEN BIKE x TS by FRXBL. Lil Pills can be used for cantilever brakes, centerpull brakes and Ubrakes which require straddle cables. They clamp the cable and keep your brakes centered and the Lil Pills are a good way to add some color to your build.

Sold as a pair. One unit each for front and rear.

Material : 6061 Aluminum
Weight : 7.5g x 2
Size: 19mm diameter
Finish : Anodized

Pick up a set at Frxbl.




Insane Square Cycling

Please meet the almost normal bicycle but with one modification – square wheels! This concept is fully working and you can ride and make turns. Createing and istallation square wheels on bicycle has been one of the most craziest projects ever built.



What You Need to Bikepack the Enduro World Series

What does it take to ride your mountain bike from World Cup Enduro race to race in the wild land of Tasmania?
Eric Olsen breaks down what he packed on his journey across the Australian island in his 2023 Tour de EWS.



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