Radar Roundup: Paul Goes Pewter, Breadwinner A-Road, Curve GMX+ Steel, State Bicycle Co and The Beatles, Mission Workshop Stahl LT,  and the Small Company Saving the Simple Bicycle


Radar Roundup: Paul Goes Pewter, Breadwinner A-Road, Curve GMX+ Steel, State Bicycle Co and The Beatles, Mission Workshop Stahl LT, and the Small Company Saving the Simple Bicycle

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Paul Component Engineering Offers Pewter Anodized Products For the First Time Ever

Paul Component Engineering has never offered pewter as an option to the public yet they have made pewter components before. Namely for one of their machinists named Jim who loved this slate-grey color on Paul’s CNC parts. For the first time ever, Paul is offering up its entire catalog in a beautiful pewter color with a flat finish. These parts look like they belong on a space shuttle!

This won’t be an evergreen offering, instead once they’re gone, they’re gone, so roll on over to Paul to pick up some blingy bits.


Breadwinner Cycles Bread and Butter: A-Road Bike $5,900

Breadwinner Cycles is baking it down to basics and making it easy. The Portland-based framebuilders are making Bread & Butter. Consider this an amuse-bouche to the world of premium handbuilt bicycles. Made by hand in the USA.

All of Breadwinner’s bikes have always sported the finest Columbus steel tubing, beautiful modern-classic paint, and fully customized components packages. These full custom bikes will always be the foundation of what the brand loves about making bicycles, but they’ve decided that it’s time to unveil a bike for riders who aren’t quite ready for such a complicated project.

B&B A-Road starts at just $5,900!

Despite the low price, ride assured that this bike is 100% Breadwinner.

The B&B incorporates our ride-tuned blend of premium Italian super-steel from Columbus. Riders should expect the same spectacular ride quality that we’ve staked our name on for the last 10 years, with sharp but well-balanced endurance road geometry and six stock sizes ranging from 49 to 61 cm. This is a thoroughly modern road bike that will open doors for exploration whether its an intimidating stretch of underbiking or a new route to the BAGL shop.

(No, that wasn’t a typo. Just an additional teaser..)

See more at Breadwinner.

Curve Cycling GMX+ Steel $6,649

Built on the success of its titanium GMX+ cousin, Curve is proud to present the GMX+ Steel. After three years of development and testing, Curve’s steel bikepacking bike is finally available in two colorways: Nitro Chocolate and Roadhouse Pink.

The GMX+ is inspired by the intrepid Overlanders of the 1890s, who covered incredible distances across the harsh Australian outback without support. We have designed a bike that can do the same, but with much more ease, using today’s modern technology. The GMX+ is an adventure bike designed with wide tire clearance thanks to our innovative carbon fork, ultra-wide drop bars for stability, numerous mounting points, and generous amounts of room for carrying water or other gear.

Check out specs, geometry, and more information at Curve Cycling.

State Bicycle Co x The Beatles Bikes and Jerseys

State Bicycle Co. is synonymous with notable collaborations and capsule collections with some iconic brands, musicians, and artists. This release is no different. This capsule collection features Beatles-inspired jerseys, tech tees, and two limited-edition bikes to show off around town.

Taking inspiration from the wonderfully playful album covers and lyrics of the Beatles, eye-catching cycling jerseys, and magical tech tees for the hot days spent exploring the roads less traveled. A timeless wool quarter zip jersey joins the band to keep things classy.

Check out the full drop at State Bicycle Co.

Mission Workshop Stahl LT Shorts are Back! $175

When it comes to quality, few brands come close to Mission Workshop. It’s made in the USA apparel is tough as hell, looks great, fits great, and lasts for years. Mission took its classic do-it-all short, the Stahl, and constructed it with the time-tested fabric used on its Traverse MTB short. The result is a light weight and incredibly resilient multipurpose short ready for any adventure.

Order by midnight on Saturday, 06.03 and receive $30 off with code STAHLLT at checkout.

See more at Mission Workshop.




The Small Company Saving the Simple Bicycle

We’re big fans of SOMA over here and in their latest video, Path Less Pedaled takes us inside what makes SOMA tick!




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @elizabethwilcoxphotography

Our friend Elizabeth shot photos of Luke Hall’s new Rodeo Labs Traildonkey 4 he’ll be racing at Unbound XL. Roll on over to Rodeo Lab’s blog to read all about this rad build.

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