Merckx Mondays Sep 17, 2012

See larger here

David Lundqvist got ahold of a beautiful Stuttgart pista frameset and built it with all Campagnolo C-Record Pista. I am drooling right now. And no, that’s not my old frame. This one’s in much better condition. It’s been a while since a Merckx Mondays, but I thought this deserved one!

There’s one more gem below.

Thanks for sending this over Kevin! To see more of this Merckx pista, check out my photos from Fixed Fest here.

  • thebigkick
  • Dump Truk Douglas

    Im wondering how people ride in the drops with their seat tilted up (first pic)… Dick-buster anonymous…

    • guest

      well for one they ride with the proper saddle height…

      • Yeah and a Unicanitor is supposed to be ridden like that….

    • Guest

      That’s how they’re supposed to be ridden. All saddles should be level from the nose to the back. It’s been like that, since before any of us were on a bicycle. Check out these old Cinelli catalog scans for reference. 

      6 years of misinformed people on the internet somehow circumvent 50+ years of bicycle design. 

  • David Lundqvist

    Thank you very much for writing the post and for the kind words, I’m proud to have my bike acknowledged by Prolly.

    /David Lundqvist