Radar Roundup: ATB Challenge 01, Tumbleweed Goods, ORNOT Jerseys, Paris Gao-Dakar VTT, and Is Riding Giving You Pain?


Radar Roundup: ATB Challenge 01, Tumbleweed Goods, ORNOT Jerseys, Paris Gao-Dakar VTT, and Is Riding Giving You Pain?

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…


All Terrain Bicycle Challenge Episode 1

The All-Terrain Bicycle Challenge Episode 1 is finally here. See what happens when five contestants are taken to Vermont and embark on the World’s Most Challenging ATB Route. Armed with the ultimate ATB, a little local knowledge, and a lot of false confidence, the contestants embark on the biggest challenge.

Tumbleweed Bikes Racks and Bars Restock

You know how fast they sell out if you’ve tried to get your hands on Tumbleweed racks or bars over the past few years. Well, they’re restocked now, so jump on it!

ORNOT Micro Grid Jersey for Men and Women $137 Pre-Order

Typically, the brushed grid structure used in this jersey is associated with thermal clothing, but this version is light enough for summer temps. The small voids created by the grid, coupled with the fine knit, allow air to pass through. This keeps you cool when it’s hot. On the flip side, when you add a wind-blocking layer (Micro Climate or House Wind Vest), those same air pockets keep you warm all while wicking moisture away from your skin. It’s like magic (or physics). See more at ORNOT.



Paris Gao-Dakar VTT

Perhaps you’ve heard of Dakar, a motorcycle/auto race across the desert. In January of 1989, the Paris Gao-Dakar VTT took place, putting bikes on the course. It… was interesting.



Is Riding Your Bike Causing You Pain?

If you’ve ever experienced pain during or after a ride or know a cyclist or athlete who has experienced not-so-normal pain, you need to watch this video. No pain, no gain, right? Well, this isn’t always the case. Hip and low back pain, IT band issues, or burning sensations in our pelvic region are signs that something in your body is amiss. Some pain while cycling is simply not normal, however when it affects our gonads, people tend to avoid seeking treatment. Kelly Sammis, pelvic health expert, and physical therapist from OnWard Denver Physical Therapy walks us through pelvic floor health. She teaches us what our pelvic floor does, why dysfunction arises in cyclists, common issues many endurance athletes experience, and how you can come back from injury.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo via @ChumbaUSA

Tonight at 6 pm, come visit Chumba and Alexandera Houchin at the downtown Austin Patagonia store! She’ll have her entire Chumba bike collection there, giving a talk “An Invitation, Not an Inspiration”.

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