Merckx Mondays Jul 23, 2012

As we were riding over to Eppy’s house, everyone kept telling me about his Merckx collection and a mural that Woof painted in his bike room. I had no idea what to expect, so imagine my surprise when I saw this Molteni painting staring me down as I entered this room. The joke of the afternoon was “there’s like 4 weeks worth of Merckx Mondays in there”…

Check out more below!

How sick is that?

Here are three of the four Merckx bikes in Eppy’s collection.

Red SL Pista

White Pista


Blue SLX Pista

And the Merckx Content didn’t end there. The next day, I stopped the owner of this #JahBlessed SLX Pista for some photos.

I love the colors and composition with the chevrons here.

Jakarta really was a blast. And I’m stoked to see so many balleur track bikes being ridden!

  • Nice. I love that Mural. The Strada OS-era white pista is sweet. More photos?

  • I like the bottom one most because it is raced and loved, unlike the others which appear as wallhangers to me. 

    • Andy Nisbet

      A kick-ass storage system doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t “raced or loved” (besides the tt one, which definitely is not raced due to the 650c up front).

  • Woof & ARFX for the mural credit :)

  • sweet… :)