Kelli Returns to Save the Track Bike Mar 30, 2012

Kelli is the most #fixiefamous girl in LA but is she saving the track bike? But she did make it to the Rapha Survey. Check out more below.

Photo by Steven Nereo

That’s no track bike but damn, it’s nice. Keep riding girl!

  • my goodness…

  • Richard Smith

    My mum has those sunglasses. I wear them from time to time.

  • Tracksloth

    Save the track bike: ride a road bike!
    Consider it done.

  • Jonathan McFarland

    I have those fizik shoes :)

    • Kellimarie23

      Those are Shimano

      • Lemontime


  • Guest

    your pic was better prolls

  • Bunny Swan

    “She look-a like-a man”

    • Kellimarie23

      Really dude?!

      • Guest

        to be honest a little bit! still beautiful, of course.

        • Kellimarie23

          those are some pretty big man boobs if you think that. 

          • Guest

            i aint mad at that.

    • Jared

      You must know some hot dudes, that look like women.

  • Pambroseb

    why does she have a dog in her backpack?

  • BABE

  • Marty

    Ray-bans , focus and shaved legs. Nice.

  • Sven

    the best advertisement focus ever had.

  • Guest

    So Beautiful

  • storts

    DAMN!!!! LOOK AT THAT BIKE! HA! oh theres Kelli too

  • Shorts

    What are those shorts?