Pepper Cook Was Interviewed by Surly


Pepper Cook Was Interviewed by Surly

Our friend Pepper Cook was recently interviewed by Surly!

Favorite bike-related memory.
I don’t have one specific bike memory, but I think my favourite thing on a bike ever is when you ride in Autumn and it’s flannel weather and the sun does that thing where it shines through the tree branches all dappled and you get to ride over a thick carpet of fallen leaves. You can hear the quiet crunching of the different coloured leaves and it’s cool enough outside where you don’t get sweaty. It feels like you’re riding in a time machine that got stuck on pause, or like you’re the last person on earth and you’ll never have to hurry anywhere ever again.

Pepper works with getting kids into bikepacking, has a warm and positive attitude and makes even the most miserable, or Type 02 fun trips look fun. Head on over to Surly to read more!