Marc’s LOW Track Bike

Since Andrew LOW began building aluminum track frames in SF last year, the whole world has been salivating over their aggressive geometries and bright liveries. But I’ve seen few that rival Marc Marino’s newest LOW track bike, remember his Low Pro? This bright pink beast is almost impossible to photograph but I did my best to get all the details. We took the TIME to look at his pedals already but did you notice the extra gussets at the bottom bracket cluster? Or the killer Ritchey cockpit? Details, this bike has ’em and it’s hella #FixieFamous.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Guest

    Gimmey that. So beautiful. Nice shots too!

  • Spoon

    I’m not usually a fan of bright colors, but this is causing a change of heart. Love the details, the rub/breakdown of the cranks finish is a favorite.

  • alai

    Team issued for Chica Sexy!

  • Dontcoast

    Great shots! Such a sick bike!
    Also love the beat up SLR 135g…the first saddle I ever loved. Why are these so hard to find now, even though the pro peleton has ’em? All I can find now is crap with cutouts

  • PINK BIKE = perfect bike, god I love it!


    sick bike but the seatpost is on backwards.  pet peeve!!!

    • People in SF are weird. Inverted Kringle headsets too!

  • Jonathan McFarland

    damn Mavic ellipses are sure sexy

  • mothattack

    I’m not a huge fan of aluminum, but that’s pretty hot. Even without the pink.

  • its pink…its pink!!

  • Deepinthewooods

    how old are these Time pedals? look dope.

  • masaudie

    Whats the fork? 

  • Danvdls

    I’m ordering a LOW// in pink. Just want to know if this is the pink or if it’s a custom pink.