Do You Have the Time? Mar 24, 2012

Time is the preferred MTB pedal for track bikes. Do you have the Time?

  • Joe Roggenbuck

    What makes it preferred?  Is it an especially good design for not unclipping when you’re stopping?

    • Yeah, they lock you in so you don’t unclip when skidding.

      • does this go for all Time pedals?

        • DCMD

          I had s0me Time Aliums and th0ugh I think they’re amazing pedals I became unclipped a few times, even after adjusting the fl0at. the last time it happened 0ne 0f the springs in the right pedal snapped c0mpletely and ive been using t0eclips since. 
          I will replace them s00n, but I’m really enj0ying the t0eclips at the m0ment.

          • Jonathan McFarland

            just get speedplay pedals.

        • Jake Ricker

          The aluminum ones that DCMD are talking about have been known to fail more.
          The lil bars you actually clip into spread out and completely lose tension.
          Get the ones in the pic from the post on ebay.Or get the new ATAC XS and XS Carbon.They are awesome!And have a lil tension dial you can turn with a screw driver to make them harder to get out of.Just look em up.You should see what I’m talking about.

    • zoom

      raced fast friday in sf and all the locals were riding time. after unclipping in my spds, went out and immediately did as the locals did

  • i like the gussets between the seat tube and chain stays.  shit’s bulletproof

  • sumo

    to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything all at once?

    • zeeeeeeecore

      i am one of those melodramatic fools. neurotic to the bone no doubt about it!

      • Sometimes I give myself the creeps. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.

        • Tracksloth

          Jesus it’s junior high all over again

  • Don’t know about other riders, and actually a friend asked me recently why I used Road instead of MTB pedals, but I have had nothing but good things to say about my Look Keo Max 2’s. Delta’s I would slip out of while skidding, but not these guys, at least not yet.
    But! Everyone’s experiences are different, and STL isn’t very hilly either.

  • Jorge

    And the preferred wheelset?  No, not Mavic Ellipse.  Yes, Rolf Prima P-Town!!!

  • Maxspins

    Time pedals are weak son!
    Upgrade to some crank bros
    Better float and you can up the release angle.

    • Dontcoast

       We’re talking about brakeless street riding here, not cyclocross racing.

    • Trackosaurusrex

       I don’t care what we’re talking about Crank Bros sucks!

      • Dontcoast

        Just to be fair…they do shed mud well…

        also, have fun rebuilding them dinky bearings three times a season…it’s a feature lol :D

        • Maxspins

          Never had a problem with the old design and the new candies are even better
          Bombproof son!
          But to each his own
          You guys can have my old times ha

      • Maxspins

        Dude the candies rule hard!

  • masaudie

    Where to find the replacement plastic cover (preferably online)??? Mine has been smashed.

  • Trackosaurusrex

    Shimano road pedals are the only way to go on street tarck with no brake!

  • ian

    I remember when I switched from shimanos to times; the difference was remarkable.

  • The perfect choise. I love my Time Atac Alium pedals :)

  • I have a pair on 5 different bikes.