The Search for ATB Episode 1: Howes Divided on the 2023 Tour Divide

What is the “Spirit of ATB?” And how/why should we catch it, assuming we want to? Those questions and more will be answered in a new series that we’ve partnered with our friends at Mythical State Of to create called The Search For ATB. A little bit Parts Unknown, a little bit Alone, a little bit Donut Media, and a little bit National Geographic, The Search For ATB will explore the people, places and things that make all-terrain culture so compelling and inspirational. And FUN. From underbiking and the art of pushing your bike, to interviews with legends and questionable infographics, The Search For ATB begins now!

“Catching the Spirit of ATB will give you access to awe and joy. If you don’t have room in your heart for awe and joy—then maybe this quest is not your kinda quest. No hard feelings. Namaste. Unless wait, maybe you like reality TV and adventure stuff? Cause there will be a ton of that on top of the awe and joy. Honestly, you should probably just watch a few episodes” – Daniel Wakefield Pasley aka (trail name) Blue Bear, co-founder of Mythical State Of.

What’s harder and more willing to have fun in the face of what is objectively a crazy difficult and possibly insane undertaking, The Rocky Mountains or ex-World Tour De France athlete Alex Howes? We don’t know either but we know how to find out: Howe’s Divided is an episodic first-person VLOG series chronicling Howe’s progress as he makes his way from Banff to Mexico as a participant in the 2023 Tour Divide.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t even know what this is.” – Alex Howes.

Will he finish in less than 15 days? Will he get lost? Will he find the Spirt of ATB? Or will he push his physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional limits in the pursuit of transcendence and ascension? FIND OUT HERE AND ONLY HERE.

At time of publication Alex, after seven days of riding, is just beyond route mile 1000 and approaching the Great Divide Basin and the Colorado border. A slashed tire requiring a needle and thread repair in Canada, a broken spoke, followed by another broken spoke which forced him to take a 16-hour detour, has put Alex well behind his intended pace. Not to be deterred, Howes has pledged to donate $10 for each man and $20 for each woman he passes to World Bicycle Relief in what is clearly a wonderful blend of altruism and motivation strategy. Alex is currently in 36th place, and averaging 148 miles per day. Muddy roads in the Basin leading into Wamsutter, WY have slowed current race leaders and provide an opportunity to Alex to gain time and placements.

Stay tuned for much more from Alex and the Search for ATB!