Watch The Divide: Lachlan Morton Rides the Tour Divide

This summer, Lachlan Morton set out on an Individual Time Trial (ITT) on the Tour Divide. He reached the finish in Antelope Wells in 12 days 12 hours and 21 minutes, but due to the presence of a media crew his time is not officially recognized. Watch the film, The Divide, to follow his 2,671-mile journey.

It’s 100 miles to the next gas station, 100 miles from the last one. It’s 100 miles from anywhere, to anywhere.

And it’s the bucket list ride that Lachlan Morton spent years dreaming about.

Starting in Banff, Alberta, Canada and ending 2,671 miles later in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, USA, the Divide Route is as beautiful as it is rugged, as ambitious as it is empty. During his two weeks on the trail, Lachlan felt more scared, more cold, more capable, and more alive than ever.

Enjoy the latest EF Pro Cycling Explore film, “The Divide,” presented by Wahoo.