Stridsland Beachcomber Pre-Orders Open Thursday


Stridsland Beachcomber Pre-Orders Open Thursday

Following up on the epic Stridsland Beachcomber Origin Story Matias penned for us earlier this month, pre-orders for Beachcomber framesets in both steel and titanium are going live on the Stridsland site Thursday, February 1, at 16:00 CET (07:00 PST).

Matias sent through some fresh photos of his Ti Beachcomber with the custom-sized partial Wit Slingers frame bags he’s offering with the framesets and DANG does it look good.

Steel framesets, in clear powdercoat or Aquatic Eggplant include a color-matched steel Barnacle Lite fork, while Ti frames are given the option of a black steel or raw Ti fork. The steel framesets are on the boat to Stridsland HQ now and will ship out in late March, while Ti Beachcombers are being made to order and will ship in June or July depending on production times.

Beachcomber Pricing

Steel BeachcomberETA late March

  • Price in the EU (incl. VAT) – 1475 Euros
  • Price overseas (excl. tax) – 1280 USD

Ti BeachcomberETA June/July

  • Price in the EU (incl. VAT) Steel fork – 2485 Euros / Ti fork – 2780 Euros
  • Price overseas (excl. tax) Steel fork –  2155 USD / Ti fork – 2385 USD


Along with the Beachcomber frames and Wit Slingers frame bags (which are priced at 1020 DKK, about $150 USD), Matias has curated a bunch of other parts that can help you piece together a build.

This includes the Matias’ favorite 26×2.8″ WTB Ranger tires, NOS Salsa Liplock and Fliplock seat clamps and August Bicycles light mounts, SON dynamo and Industry Nine Hydra hubs, Middleburn cranks, OneUp Components V3 droppers, and Hulsroy bottle cages.

Of course, the usual Stridsland dress-up parts like chainrings, top caps, and crank bolts are in stock. (He’s also expecting a run of 26″ ST i40 rims from WTB in a few months – unfortunately those couldn’t be ready right away.)

Shop Slow, Checkout Whenever

With only 100 steel framesets produced, it’s likely these will sell out quick. Here’s a hot tip for shopping on Stridsland site: when you add an item to your cart, you get 10 minutes to check out. If you add another item, your timer resets to 10 minutes again. So, relax, add an item, and keep shopping until you’re done.

Also worth noting: when Matias released the Anchor bars a couple months back, lots of folks put one in a cart, and then didn’t check out. You might just find a Beachcomber in stock after the initial rush. Since Ti Beachcombers are being sold on a made-to-order basis, those won’t go out of stock. If you miss out on a steel frame, you can still get in on the Ti pre-order.


If you’re not sure about sizing, Matias mocked up some images with the different Beachcomber frame sizes at different saddle heights and saved them to a story highlight on his Instagram. His recommendation is to size down if you’re not sure, to retain the playful intent of the frames. And of course, if you want more of the Beachcomber story, make sure to re-read the big long one we published earlier this month!

See more at Stridsland.