Crust Bikes New Evasion Trail 140


Crust Bikes New Evasion Trail 140

You might not expect the co-owner of Crust Bikes to have oftentimes preferred a moto for solo touring over a bicycle but it’s true. Matt from Crust Bikes is a longtime lover of mini motos and often found himself on them when he was touring around the world. One bike in particular always met his fancy; the Postie bike. Although, he preferred the bike not only for its whopping 7 horsepower but its step-through design, which inspired the new Evasion Trail 140. Matt gave us a sneak peek at this new all steel chassis tourer, so let’s check out the forthcoming Evasion Trail 140 below…

Matt from Crust Bikes has a long love affair with step-through bikes, but the kinda step thru that always attracted me was the motor variety, specifically the mighty Postie bike, or as its also called the Honda trail 90 & 110. A 7-horse power thunder bolt between ya legs.

Back when Matt was traveling around the world a lot, if no one could join him on the trip, he would more often then not choose the Postie bike or some other small displacement motorcycle over a bicycle for its ability to cover more ground, but still force me to stay in the slow lane. For as we all know the shoulder is the real slow lane.

As for Matt, long length solo-bicycle touring was a little boring and taxing on his sanity; so the ability to get out of a place or section of road that was soul crushing semi-quickly was nice.

The aesthetic of the Postie just always put a smile on his face. So he figured it was high time to make a Crust step thru. Behold the Evasion Trail 140.

Now, is it as amazingly good looking as the Honda Trail 90? Well that is a matter of opinion, but in Matt’s opinion, that would be a no.  Does it come with a rip ya arms off 7 HP? Well, no. Its called the Evasion trail 140 because Matt averages 140 watts.

Does it put a huge smile on Matt and everyone at Crust’s face? Hell yeah it does! That is what any bike is about, motor or pedal.

There is absolutely nothing groundbreaking about this bike, it is an Evasion rear end with a longer front end, and the geometry is the same as the Evasion aside from the standover, and it has a slightly longer reach. They have been stretched out in the front a fair amount. Three sizes will be available… eventually.

Build Spec:

  • Wheels BB
  • Appleman cranks
  • Nitto X Crumb works KT bar
  • Crust hold ya horses grips
  • Sram GX AXS
  • Berthound saddle
  • Tech 77 levers
  • Palm oil brakes
  • Crust headset
  • Crust Pedals
  • Carbon Ti hubs
  • A chain
  • Nitto X Crust Stem
  • Rod Stuart bag support
  • Fabs chest bag
  • Nitto and a Velo Orange bottle cage
  • A seatpost
  • Some brake cables
  • 26 x 3 surly Knard tyres
  • Fuel ration 60/1 60 marshmallows for every meat pie

Keep an eye on Crust Bikes and Heaps Good Garage for the Evasion 140 to drop soon!