The Radavist’s Top Ten Stories of 2022

Radical Atavism is about sharing stories from the road, knocking the dust off your bike, and reflecting on an experience. These thoughtful reflections, penned by autodidactic raconteurs, are just one of the feathers we’ll proudly peacock in our caps. Looking back at the past twelve months, we’ve got a list of ten articles that stood out from the rest. Included are stories from the birthplace of mountain biking in the US, of FKTs, CKTs, events, and more. Don’t miss out on this nostalgic trip through The Radavist’s Top Ten Stories of 2022!

I Learned to Fly… On A Mountain Bike: Wende Cragg Documents the Birth of Mountain Biking

Where do we even begin here? If you’ve seen the book Fat Tire Flyer or seen any photos of Chambre-shirt-clad, blue jeans-donnin’, 1980s riders on balloon tire bikes screaming down Repack Hill or climbing Pearl Pass, then chances are you’ve seen the work of Wende Cragg. Wende penned a lovely piece for us that is the highest-trafficked post of all time on this website. We’d like to personally thank Wende for being such an amazing soul and all we can say is just you wait… more is on the way!

2022 Philly Bike Expo: The Show and Custom Bikes Part 01

After a decade, John returned to the Philly Bike Expo to be greeted with an amazing showcase of builders’ creations, familiar faces, and a family-friendly event. The proof is in the puddin’, our readership loves seeing custom, handmade bikes!

Sink Into the Earth: Lael Wilcox Rides the 827 Mile Arizona Trail

Lael Wilcox‘s FKT on the AZT 800 route was documented by Rue and Josh, inspiring the next generation of riders to get out and push themselves. While the gallery is exceptional, the video from this project really pulls at the heartstrings.

New Mexico Chillest Known Time (CKT) Attempt: A Bike Tour from Santa Fe to Las Cruces on 35mm

On the complete opposite spectrum from FKT records, and speed-focused efforts, is Andy’s Chillest Known Time Attempt riding from Santa Fe to Las Cruces, New Mexico, documented on 35mm film. Long live the cyclo-tourist!

2022 Concours de Machines Part One: The Contest and the Contestants

Petor brought us many exceptional event Reportage write-ups over these last twelve months, but the 2022 Concours de Machines coverage solidified our love for the European framebuilder scene. We want to send a big, heartfelt hug to the Concours de Machines staff for putting on such a wonderful event, and to Petor, we can’t wait to see what you deliver next!

Eating and Riding Italy’s TranSardinia Trail

Touring is about sampling the local vernacular. When you slow down, you can appreciate places in greater detail. From the architecture, to the geology, biology, and especially the food! The Transardinia Trail is not to be missed and SamBecTristan and Belén did a great job documenting the route and its nuances. Plus, this photo of Bec is all-time!

Bikes and Hangs From The 2022 Chris King Guest House Event at Caletti Cycles

Our friends at Chris King know how to crash a party! They drove their van down to Santa Cruz this spring to host a “Guest House” event at Caletti Cycles. The gaggle of builders chummed it up over the weekend with food, drinks, and bikes. We couldn’t have asked for a better kick-off to the bike convention season!

The 6th Annual Nutmeg Nor’easter: An Alternative New England Experience

Can you feel the love? Hailey’s Reportage from the Nutmeg Nor’easter brought all the vibes found in a family-thrown and participated event. If you haven’t been out to Nutmeg Country for the Nor’easter – looking at you, John and Josh! – this year might be your ticket.

Bikepacking Iceland Part One: Into the Highlands on a Gravel Bike

Emily and her friends headed to Iceland to show that you can indeed bikepack in Iceland on gravel bikes. This post resonated with our audience and it’s easy to see why! Those dirty ribbons draped across volcanic landscapes are easy on the eyes.

An Exercise in Agency: Hailey Moore Reflects After Her Ozark Gravel Doom Route ITT

Our own Hailey Moore set out on the Ozark Gravel Doom route for an Individual Time Trail and reflected on it post-event here, penning one of the most elegant ride reports we’ve ever featured. Hailey’s got a real talent for riding and writing and we’re elated to have her on board.



What was your most memorable story of the year? Is it in this list? Drop it in the comments!