The Bikes of the ENVE Builder Round-Up Part 01: Alchemy, Alliance, Bingham, Breadwinner, Calfee, DeSalvo, English, FiftyOne, Firefly, Holland, Horse

Last year, ENVE opened its doors to the public for an Open House event. Once inside, visitors took a tour of its Ogden, Utah facilities and were greeted by two-dozen custom bikes from builders across the globe. This year the pandemic forced ENVE to pivot a bit, holding a virtual tour and framebuilder showcase they’re calling the Builder Round-Up. We’re pleased to once again host this showcase, with two-part coverage, so read on below for a full breakdown on these Beautiful Bicycles along with a few teasers of new ENVE product…

Alchemy Bicycles – Denver, Colorado
Model: E-Ronin
Material: Carbon

The E-Ronin is not only the first e-bike from Alchemy, it’s the first US-made, e-gravel bike. Just like any of the other bikes in Alchemy’s line, the E-Ronin is available in custom geometry and numerous color options.

Alliance Bicycles – Hailey, Idaho
Model: Mountain
Material: Titanium

The 150/148mm travel mullet bike comes from Erik Rolf of Alliance Bicycles. This particular build uses a 65.5-degree head angle, 77.5-degree seat tube, 430mm chainstays, with a 15mm bottom bracket drop. Erik believes titanium is the perfect material for his bikes because of the damping ability and impact resistance.

Bingham Built – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Model: Adventure
Material: Titanium

Brad Bingham’s personal purpose-built bike packing explorer. For Brad, it’s about all-day comfort with 27.5” Plus tires and drop bars. Ample mounts ensure there’s never a shortage of stowage possibilities.

Breadwinner – Portland, Oregon
Model: B-Road
Material: Steel

The B-Road brings traditional steel frame styling and adds big clearance to allow up to a 50c tire in order to make it gravel race-worthy, two events where the B-Road has shined. Custom options abound on the B-Road, from geometry to frame bags.

Calfee Design – La Selva Beach, California
Model: Cephal
Material: Carbon

The carbon frame pioneers, Craig Calfee’s history and experience goes deeper than just about any modern builder. Although bamboo is an alternative material found in the Calfee line, carbon has been their go-to material for decades. The trademark lugs allow full customization of the frame.

DeSalvo Custom Bicycles – Ashland, Oregon
Model: Gravel
Material: Titanium

Mt. Ashland has some good skiing in the winter, but that doesn’t come close to what summer offers with the nearly endless miles of dirt roads on the mountain and the surrounding Siskiyou range. Those miles of gravel have shaped DeSalvo’s designs and inspiration around what makes a true gravel bike.

English Cycles – Eugene, Oregon
Model: Road
Material: Steel

Rob English of English Cycles delivers a fillet brazed frame complete with carbon insert in the headtube and the sleek Integrated Front-End. Like most of the English builds, it’s full of classic design elements, such as the custom-butted seat tube and cap.

FiftyOne – Dublin, Ireland
Model: Road
Material: Carbon

Made from ENVE tubing, the FiftyOne uses a proprietary rear-end for a classy look and silky ride coupled with a front-end that makes the bike handle like it’s on rails. One of the bikes that’s part of the Round-Up featuring the Integrated Front-End that delivers a perfect fit and a cable-free contour.

Firefly Bicycles – Boston, Massachusetts
Model: Mountain
Material: Titanium

Built around bike packing, the frame offers ample versatility on bag design and models. Threaded bosses for endless combinations and long travel internal dropper compatibility. It also features clearance for up to 29×2.6 tires and proprietary dropouts. This particular bike just finished a 3-day bike packing trip, just in time to get cleaned up for the show.

Holland Cycles – San Diego, California
Model: Gravel
Material: Titanium

Purpose-built for 80% gravel, 20% road for the off-road adventures. In the 45 years Holland has been building frames they’ve seen a lot of changes in the market, and the gravel bike has now become the most asked for model in their line. With internal routing for shifter, brake, and dropper post cables, the Holland Gravel is simply clean.

Horse Cycles – Brooklyn, New York
Model: Monster Gravel
Material: Steel

Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles rolls out a Stainless Steel All Road that once back from the Round-Up, is headed to Peru for a bike-packing trip. It features the new Adventure Fork, offering numerous accessory mounting options.