The Beautiful Bicycles of the ENVE Open House Part 02: Sklar, Falconer, Sarto, Sage, Argonaut, Moots, Retrotec, Legor, Bastion

ENVE has been supporting frame builders, both in the US and internationally for years now and has developed a symbiotic relationship with these artisans, who choose to put their forks, bars, and wheels on customer’s build kit lists. With this catalog of talent at their fingertips, they decided to have an Open House to celebrate not only their factory and offices in Ogden, Utah but the frame builders who choose ENVE to build out their complete bikes.

Continuing yesterday’s coverage are Beautiful Bicycles from Sklar, Falconer, Sarto, Sage, Argonaut, Moots, Retrotec, Legor, Bastion.

Sklar Sweet Spot Hardtail

The Sweet Spot is Sklar’s first stock geometry frame, with various color and build kit options. This hardtail features a modern geometry, with a long reach, a slack head angle, and features a 3d-printed yoke to ensure a 29er x 2.8″ tire will fit.

Falconer Road

Cameron Falconer’s bikes are built with one thing in mind: rideability. This gravel, or all-road frame features Cam’s signature chopped seat stays, clearance for a plump 700c tire, and SRAM’s 2x AXS group. Like everything Cameron builds for himself, this capable all-road is for sale. Holler at Cameron for more information!

Sarto Seta Road

Built from M55J, a high-modulus carbon fiber material, the Sarto Seta frame offers a unique ride quality, without sacrificing elasticity or compression. What is most impressive about the Seta is the component integration and flawless construction, resulting in a sleek and minimal, made in Italy beauty.

Sage All Road Prototype

Not only did Sage build a new bike for the ENVE Open House, but they also brought a whole new model. This all-road prototype fits a 45mm tire and still clears a road double crankset, with a blasted titanium finish and yes, that is a dropper post!

Argonaut Cycles Disc Road

You get what you pay for and when it comes to Argonaut’s deep custom road and gravel bikes, you get not only a geometry tuned for your ride preference but a custom layup as well. This Disc road’s finish is as refined as the frame’s details with a clean, cable-free build, thanks to SRAM AXS.

Moots Vamoots Disc RSL

Moots doesn’t mess around when it comes to their made in Colorado titanium bikes. The Vamoots Disc RSL epitomizes their belief that a road bike should be light, responsive, and should offer up a smooth and balanced ride. This build, in particular, utilizes Rotor’s 1X13 hydraulic road kit. What do you think of that group?

Retrotec Gravel Bike

Leave it to Retrotec’s Curtis Inglis to bring one of his own personal bikes to the ENVE Open House. A tall dude, Curtis likes his bikes to have a comfortable fit, with a solid, no-nonsense build kit and a throwback frame design, harkening back to cruisers of the 1950s.

Legor Cicli Marbled Road

Remember that crazy rainbow tie-dye road bike from Eroica California? Well, Ian from ENVE really loved that bike, so he asked Mattia to make him one, with an albeit more subdued paint job. Selecting a monotone palette, and utilizing the Team Dream-designed ENVE decals, this bike was one of my favorites at the show. Check out the hubs too!

Bastion Road

It has been a while since I last saw a Bastion in person, the first time being at NAHBS years ago. Since then, Bastion has really refined their 3d-printed titanium lugs and custom carbon tubes. Everything about this bike screams futuristic and it’s easy to get lost in the frame construction details. Wow.

Which bike is your favorite? Comment below!