Radar Roundup: Stainless Murmur Cane Creek Edition, Industry Nine Enduro Wheels Are Hallow, Smartwool Recycling, Breezer Radar X Pro, Race Face Turbine Wheelset, Dango Bros, The Great Spring Breakaway, and Stories & Glories


Radar Roundup: Stainless Murmur Cane Creek Edition, Industry Nine Enduro Wheels Are Hallow, Smartwool Recycling, Breezer Radar X Pro, Race Face Turbine Wheelset, Dango Bros, The Great Spring Breakaway, and Stories & Glories

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Starling Cycles Stainless Murmur Cane Creek Edition

It’s spring and what better way to get a new MTB than to save on one of our favorite full suspension trail bikes? Right now, Starling Cycles has limited stock of the Stainless Murmurs, with Large and XL ready to go within a week of punching the button.



Exchange rates are great for overseas customers and Starling has full-build kits available, and they’re easily the most high-end, eye-catching bikes the UK framebuilders have ever produced.

To make an already super-special bike even more irresistible, they’ve created a special offer for Stainless Murmur Customers:

  • FREE Hope Headset and Seat Clamp with all Stainless Murmur frames.
  • And get Cane Creek Progressive IL Shock & Volt Progressive Spring for just £100 (RRP £550).
  • And get Cane Creek Helm 29″ Fork 150mm for just £600 (RRP £1050).
  • That’s £1650 of kit for just £700… But, limited stock, limited time, and limited sizes. So don’t hang around.

See more at Starling Cycles.

Industry Nine Enduro 300 $1430

Industry Nine’s latest rim, the Enduro 300 features an aluminum triple-cavity rim featuring a Hollow Bead Wall designed to shrug off impacts and make pinch flats a distant memory. The wide, hollow structure contributes additional surface area to reduce the risk of tire pinch and increases strength due to the bracing provided by the additional wall. What does this mean for your ride? It encourages riders to charge terrain with maximum confidence and minimal worry thanks to the Hollow Bead Wall concept.

Paired with Industry Nine’s 32 spoke system chassis propelled by the Hydra hub’s near instant .52° engagement, riders will revel in unrivaled control in the tech with an open invitation to put the power down at any moment. When the dust settles, Enduro 300 wheelset emerges as a true best-in-class contender for aggressive riders.

Check out more of this innovative product at Industry Nine.

Smartwool Sock Recycling

Wool manufacturer Smartwool is teaming up with Material Return™ circularity platform to collect 
and deconstruct hard-to-recycle socks and turn them into new goods.

What they are looking for:

  • Clean socks only (please)
  • All brands, colors, sizes, and materials welcome (we’re not picky)
  • No rolled or paired socks, bags, rubber bands, paper clips (just single socks)

How to participate:

  • Joining Smartwool for its third Take Back Event
    Visit a participating retailer this April and drop off your unwanted socks in the collection bin. View Retailer List
  • Order a Free Kit Mail-in From Them
    Add Smartwool’s free sock recycling bag to your Smartwool.com purchase at checkout. The bag includes a pre-paid shipping label, so all you have to do is gather your unwanted socks, attach the label, and drop it off. Order Here

Kudos to Smartwool on this important initiative because we’re always losing one of our socks!

Breezer Bikes Radar X Pro $1,999

One of the most common questions we receive is “what’s a good $2000 bike to get started riding more?” and usually the Breezer Radar X Pro is on our list. With a 29×2″ wheel size, the Radar X Pro can take on the roughest urban roads or gravel bike paths alike. Depending on where you live, it’d be a perfect bike to ride singletrack, and due to the touring accouterments, it would make an ideal tourer too.

There’s a lot to like about the Radar X Pro, so roll on over to Breezer Bikes to see more!

Race Face Turbine wheelRace Face Turbine wheelRace Face Turbine wheel

Race Face Turbine Wheelset $799

It’s nice to know that there are still innovative, high-tech alloy wheels out there, even if it’s the innovative, high-tech carbon wheels that are stealing all the spotlights. Race Face has long been churning out sleeper hits on the OEM market, but the newly updated Turbine wheelset looks like more than just a great place to mount your tires. The fashionably oversized, straight-pull, inside-out-six-pawl, wide-bearing-stance Vault hub remains the same, but the rims have been totally re-imagined. This is a front/rear-specific sort of affair, with a shallower, more compliant front rim and deeper, beefier rear rim.

At least on paper, it’s not a subtle difference, with the 850g front rim weighing significantly less than the 1045g rear. They also have a unique shape at the top of the bead wall that effectively widens them by nearly a millimeter each. The “Anvil Edge” concept is a way to help keep a hard pinch from puncturing the tire. And maybe most importantly, Race Face is now one of the very few alloy rim makers who offer the sort of “warranty” that will cover replacement for any rim failure, whether it’s a defect or not. The new Turbine wheels are available in 29, 27.5, 6-bolt, Boost, Super Boost, HG, XD, and Micro Spline. Oh, and they’re $799.

Read more at Race Face

Magic Components “Dango Bros” ¥4,950

We love the anodizing component rebirth happening across the globe. Taking inspiration from Grafton, Ringle, and other brands of the 90s, these new CNC’d components are coming out in a variety of colors. Add just a hint of color, or go completely overboard with the colors. These new Magic Components Dango Bros cable yokes are perfect for your cantilver rim brake bike.

See more at Crumbworks.


The Pro’s Closet: The Great Spring Breakaway

Come one, come all! Join The Pro’s Closet April 29-30 at our Louisville headquarters for our biggest sale of the season. You can also demo hundreds of bikes, tour our factory and visit the vendor expo to earn your chance to win a bike a year for life in the Ride of a Lifetime giveaway.

We’ll also be releasing a new Radavist collaboration bike! Be sure to add Saturday, April 29th to your calendar! While there, enjoy live music, local food trucks and see the TPC vintage bike museum.




Stories & Glories | Privateering with Peter Stetina and Big Tall Wayne

Pioneering the Privateer life, follow along on the journey of Peter Stetina and Big Tall Wayne through the 2022 U.S. Gravel Racing Season. From Mid South to Moab, Sea Otter to Unbound, Oregon Trail to Leadville, SBT to Big Sugar and all the Stories and Glories along the way. In this episode, he takes on Mid South.



Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo via @industry_nine

We love Industry Nine’s product photos. They include employees making funny faces and poses. This latest release includes a series of fun photos featuring Amanda, its Marketing Coordinator.

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