Review: Portland Design Works Takeout Basket Adventure Edition

This will probably be the simplest review I’ll ever do because this is one of the most straight-forward products I’ve reviewed. When DPow from PDW sent over a Takeout Basket Adventure Edition, I was going to wait on my tourer to be built before putting it on a bike. Then the summer months kept creeping along and I hated having a sweaty camera bag or backpack on for really simple runs. That’s when the comfortable size of this thing just took over. Off went the drops, on went the flat bar and the Takeout Basket. The brackets can be a pain in the ass to assemble if you’re not patient but the whole thing installed in under 5 minutes.

As the name implies, this is not a rack for heavy cargo. It’s a basket meant for small runs *like* takeout. I found it a perfect fit for a six pack of beer, or some simple grocery items. Because the Blaq-built Adventure bag doesn’t have padding, I swapped my ILE Photo Bag in its place for my Hasselblad and 5D. But the tall nature of a roll-top fit a giant bottle of bourbon just fine.

Overall, I’ve been very keen on this basket, mostly because I never know when I’ll have to pick something up without a backpack. It’s come in handy multiple times and I would even consider it on a longer ride to hold my camera. Now, let me just say, sure, there are other options for larger loads. Cetma comes to mind but this isn’t a rack, it’s a basket…

Pick one up in the Adventure Edition here or the standard Takeout Basket here and flip through more shots in the Gallery.