Wizard Works and Get Mild Matty Lil Presto Barrel Bags


Wizard Works and Get Mild Matty Lil Presto Barrel Bags

London-based bag maker Wizard Works have teamed up with York-based maker-of-things Matty Waudby (Get Mild Matty) for the brand’s fourth collaboration; a limited run of hand-embroidered bags celebrating the lazy days of summer…

This collection, dropping today at 9 AM PST, is limited to a small run of Lil Presto Barrel Bags, hand embroidered in York and handcrafted in London. The bags come in two sizes, each with a design celebrating two of our fav summer activities: wild swimming and star gazing.

For this collection Matty has taken a more patchwork approach using our RX30 offcuts, as well as the classic embroidered style that he is known for, on a backdrop of chocolate 500DCordura.

Wanting to inject a little party into the world of bike bags, Wizard Works makes technical and high performing gear while maintaining an aesthetic that lies somewhere between timeless classic and 80’s rave. Designed and hand made in South London.

Matty is an adventurous multidisciplinary creative with a love of bicycles, he hails from Yorkshire but can often be found in strange corners of the world. As handy with a camera as he is with a needle and thread, he aims to create inspirational imagery that documents human interaction with nature and to show that there is always more outside the front door.

Check out the drop at Wizard Works today at 9 AM PST.