Apidura for MAAP


Apidura for MAAP

MAAP has teamed up with bicycle portage maker Apidura to create three key bags for long-distance riding. These three ultra-lightweight designs are specially constructed by Apidura to perform in the most testing conditions, with waterproof laminate shells and dirt-resistant materials to enhance durability. Let’s check them out.

Frame Pack 4L or 1L

The ultra-durable lightweight pack provides storage inside the bike’s frame, for a lower centre of gravity and handling at speed. The protected cable port enables charging of devices on the go.

Handlebar Pack

The new design features dual roll top closures for storing bulkier, compressible items on longer trips. An integrated zip pocket keeps essentials close to hand and protected from all weather fronts.

Saddle Pack

Ideal for storing compressible items over distance. Featuring a roll-top closure for adjustable capacity, with a bungee tie for additional storage on top. Set it and forget it with the anti-sway attachment.

See the full collection at MAAP.