Inside Line Equipment’s Photo Bag Mini

It’s been about a month since Eric from ILE sent me one of his new Photo Bag Mini models to test out. Usually, when I’m shooting photos on the go while riding, I’ll just throw the camera around my shoulder and pedal around with it fully exposed. There are plenty of occasions where that might not be a great idea, or maybe you want to carry a flash, some CF cards and other small accessories with you. In those cases, the Photo Bag Mini is perfect.

Or, as I’ve found in recent weeks, it’s great for toting my Hasselblad and a few film backs. Check out more of my thoughts on the ILE Photo Bag Mini below. Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

The bag is perfect for a DSLR with a prime lens and a battery grip. I’ve even fit my 5DMkii with a battery grip and my Canon 24-70 f2.8 L simply by removing the divider padding. Since that’s a big lens, the interior space is completely maxed out. But all of my prime lenses fit with extra room. If you don’t use a battery grip, you’ve got even more space.

The shoulder-sling design makes it easy to access without getting off your bike. Undo the stabilizer strap, hen simply unclip the bag, open the velcro and access your camera. There’s a zippered pouch on the top that’s perfect for keys, your phone, wallet, CF / SD cards and whatever else you need to carry, as well as a pouch on the front that has become quite useful for carrying film backs for my Hasselblad. It actually fits the Polaroid back perfectly.

On one side is a strap for a U-lock or a small tripod and, the other, a pocket for batteries or what have you.

While the ILE Photo Bag Mini isn’t a cargo-capacity camera bag, it’s perfect for those times you just want to walk, or ride around with your camera. Priced at $120 and available in three stock colorways, the ILE Photo Bag Mini is in stock at ILE.

  • Evangelinegale

    I ordered a custom rack bag for my Cetma from them a little while ago, far too hyped for it to show up.

  • Photojerk

    was the camo custom? and when did you get a hasselblad i cant wait to see that

    • Camo is being offered on ILE now. Hasselblad was a no-brainer with the price I paid. I’m still getting it down but have some good made some nice photos with it.

      •  hey i dont knoe Hasselblad cameras well but what it that set up?

  • Here’s a question pretty much totally unrelated to the post- what stem is that on your bike? It’s freaking beautiful!

  • iStone

    Could you compare this to the new Cadence sling bag? I’m torn between the two.

    • This has padding like a camera bag. Cadence’s does not.

  • i know that lens!!!!-0

  • Well

    I picked up on of those ILE bags at the MASHSF store. I like that it doesn’t scream “camera bag” and my 5D fits just so 

  • zeeeeeeecore

    just curious, who takes the photo of the photographer while he’s posing for a product review? 

    • Handed the camera to the girlfriend and said “frame the shit like this…”

  • Neverstop302

    Sweet little bag.

  • MCThree

    I got one coming in the mail. Man, I hope my 5D mark III fits in nicely with my 50mm lens. Do you think it will?