Team AWOL and My Oregon Outback Pack List


Team AWOL and My Oregon Outback Pack List


So I haven’t made a big deal about this for a few reasons. First, I don’t want to jinx myself or my teammate on this ride and second, it’s part of a project that won’t see the light of day for a few months.

That said, I’m doing / racing / riding / surviving the Oregon Outback, a 360 miles MTB trek from Southern Oregon to Northern Oregon. Our plan is to do it in three days. Unsupported. That’s 120 miles a day on dirt.

I do rides like this often enough, maybe not to this degree, but essentially bikepacking or touring. So I thought I’d let you in on my packing list, via knolling. Check out a break-down below.


The full spread.


First up: food. Three day’s worth. While the Outback goes through a few towns, there will be a couple hundred people doing the ride, so there’s no guarantee that the cafes and shops will have much stock left. I’d rather eat a packet of salmon than a bag of cheetos.

There are high-energy, high-fat packets for ride snacks (dried fruit, coconut chips, nuts, etc) for each day. A pack of coconut cream, two recovery shakes, coffee and backpacking meals, as well as Skratch and Shot Blox for riding…


Next up, shelter. I’m conflicted here. The forecast doesn’t call for rain, so I’m going with a ENO hammock and a Western Mountaineering 40-degree bag. If it gets colder, I have an emergency blanket. All of this goes into the Revelate saddle back. I like the rear of my bikes as light as possible. I might take my rain fly, but it’s undecided at the moment.


Clothing is easy: Mission Workshop Stahl shorts, Kitsbow merino chaomis, Outlier linen scarf, Mission Workshop District shirt, Pearl Izumi sun sleeves, ACRE Meridian rain jacket, DeFeet wool gloves, Rapha mits…


Strawfoot merino socks, Giro Terraduro shoes, Giro New Road insulated vest, Giro Atmos helmet, Black Diamond lamp and a wool watch cap.


Bottles: (2) Poler bottles, one Nalgene and a Arundel Looney Bin.


Garmin, knife, Snow Peak spork, multi tool, flat kit, Sawyer filter with bag, Bronner’s, sunblock, chamois butter, Bag Balm (cures saddle sores), first aid kit, flip flops in case my feet get gross and a Team Dream trucker.


Acre tool roll with an Incase battery pack, (3) tubes, (3) 5Dmkii batteries, (3) SD cards in a Pelican case, iPhone cable, frame pump, Nightrider light.


Swift Ozette rando bag, Oakley shades, camping towel, Snowpeak mug, Wet Ones…. *not pictured: Revelate frame bag. I’m not running panniers.

I don’t need to link to these products because most are available at your local camping or cycling shops. Erik is riding a new project AWOL, it’s a stock Comp with a snazzy paint job – more on that later and I’m on an all-stock AWOL Comp.


We’re pretty set, all we need is support from you guys. Moral support! Follow Erik @HellHommus and myself @JohnProlly on Instagram and see how it all unfolds…