Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

Remember these? Well, Krista just printed up a run and they’re available now. Pick one up at Lonely Boy Fabrications‘ web shop here. While I could simply bow out of Merckx Mondays with that gem, I’ve got more in store for you below.

This beauty rolled into GSC while I was visiting and as a point of departure for comparison to “race ready” bikes…

This was once a “race ready” bike. And just like last week, Cooper Ray is supplying the shots, for Cultivar, a new enterprise arising in Brooklyn.

And today, Coop sent over this photo of him riding up to Beacon.

This might look familiar. It’s because it’s been on Merckx Mondays before. This 10th Anniversary is Adam’s from Montano Velo in Oakland, taken by Mr. Joseph Lobato during this weekend’s Quake City Rumble. See more at his Flickr.