Merckx Mondays Apr 30, 2012

I’m gonna make this a real quick one because my flight’s about to board. Yesterday in Dolores Park, I met Adam from Montano Velo, where he had his gorgeous 10th Anniversary Merckx road with him. This is a quick Merckx Mondays, but enjoy some more details below!

Nice to meet you man! Next time I roll into the Bay Area, I’m heading to Oakland for some hills and hangouts. Ride safe!

  • neil

    Montano Velo is a great shop! East Bay all day!

  • mavic aero brakes? SICKASFUCK

  • Now there’s a face I haven’t seen in a while….

  • Kiperobject

    Solid dude right there

  • now that is balleur

  • R Lee

    F’ing Fab! What size is it?

  • Adam

    Hah. I don’t photograph as well as my bikes. I’m glad my glove tan lines showed up in the photos. I think I was already about 3-4 beers deep in my day at the time of this photo, after riding all morning and well in to the afternoon

    It was a real pleasure meeting you, John. I’d love to take you out on a ride next time you’re in town.

    R-Lee, it’s a 55. Andy, good wishes your way, looks like you’re doing it up right in Melbourne. I still rock a fyxo tshirt with pride from time to time.


    Hey John stay the fuck out of Oakland. Love ya!