Let’s Ride Cyclery in Burbank, CA is the Home of the LA Tourist Race!

Los Angeles has no shortage of amazing bike shops, which should come as no surprise for those who have ridden bikes there. Be it road, gravel, mountain, or inner-city mixed terrain routes, there is a myriad of hidden paths, bike expressways, and cutty cut-throughs connecting this city’s many parks. That route finding was the impetus for Let’s Ride Cyclery‘s Mike Kalenda to start his LA Tourist Race. This event breaks down the barriers of sprawling city navigation, taking entrants from the palm tree-lined streets high into the San Gabriel Mountains.

On my last visit to Los Angeles, I swung by to say hey to Mike and to check out Let’s Ride…

A Locale for Locals and Tourists Alike

I first met Mike years ago on a ride with Pedaler’s Fork in Calabasas. He’s a superb mechanic, a strong rider, and is full of charisma. Over the years, I’ve shot a number of his bikes – which you can peep below in our Related archives – and have been lucky enough to have him service my own bikes.

Let’s Ride Cyclery is in Burbank, California, right next to Los Angeles, and has lots of easy access to Griffith Park and the Verdugo Mountains, my bastion during my five-year residence in the city. While it’s not as hip as Highland Park or Silverlake, Burbank has its own vibe and with its proximity to parks and gravel, is often overlooked by prospective residents of Los Angeles. It is also home to the chillest airport in all of California… IYKYK.

Mike learned a lot over the years, having worked at a number of shops in Southern California. His takeaways were, in short, service is king, building community takes effort, and support the small guys as much as possible. The bike companies he stocks at Let’s Ride range from Moots, Pegoretti, REEB, and then a handful of QBP brands to round out the spectrum of affordability.

On any given afternoon, Mike, or Steph (sorry to have missed you, girl!) will have a stunning Pegoretti in for a service, or a Moots YBB waiting in the stand for an overhaul, and even e-commuter bikes in for a kickstand install. Let’s Ride doesn’t discriminate; if it has two wheels, you’re good to go!

With three floors of stock and a healthy array of vintage components on display under glass, this ain’t your typical shop. There are even some stunning showcase vintage bikes for visitors to ogle.

Let’s Ride Builds

As previously noted, Let’s Ride is a dealer of Pegoretti, Moots, and REEB. While visiting, I took a few minutes to feature some of the builds Mike has on display inside the shop, so let’s check ’em out…

Mike’s Moots Routt 45 Gravel Bike

What’s the perfect bike for Los Angeles? You’re lookin’ at it!

Pegoretti Duende With Campagnolo Chorus

As Italian as a cannoli stain on an Armani suit, this Pegoretti Marcelo with Campagnolo Chorus is right at home on HWY 2 or Griffith park.

Mike’s REEB Sqweeb V4

REEB smash! Want a White Helmet or Upper Merrill bike? You’re looking at it!

These are only a few of the custom builds Let’s Ride has cranked out, so if you’re in the Burbank area and are looking for a unique build, or just need some work on your current bike, roll through and say hey to Mike!

Check out more photos in the gallery and the next time you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to swing by Let’s Ride!

If you’re into big, hard rides, then mark your calendar for October 1st’s LA Tourist Race Trans San Gabriel event!

Let’s Ride Cyclery
1038 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM