Local’s Ride in Topanga Creek

Sean from Team Dream Bicycling Team is really living the dream. He lives at the top of the hill in Topanga Creek and can roll out of his front door, to find himself on a vast network of trails. Granted, it’s hotter than hell in the summer, but this time of year, it’s majestic. All the vegetation is golden, bone dry and the trails are fast and loose.

After zipping through a few trails in Topanga, we met up with the Pedalers Fork guys, who took us on an even more ripping ride through Calabasas. Now those guys have an even radder trail network.

The thing I love about riding in Southern California is the insane amount of elevation you get in each ride, all within a stone’s throw of the coast. So far, out of all the MTB trails I’ve been on in the Los Angeles area, these were my favorite.

We ended up around 30 miles and 3,800′ climbing. Had it not been for the meal at Pedalers Fork afterwards, my legs would have been dead the next day!