A Weekend at The Cub House’s 2022 LA Invitational

Los Angeles is home to one of the most diverse and eclectic cycling communities in the world. People from all walks of life have found that the bicycle is by far the best way to traverse this sprawling urban mass, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel mountains. Catering to this community are a number of bike shops, but one of our favs is The Cub House, which over the years has played host to a number of fun events, most notably the bike and car shows! To up the ante this year, Sean, Carla, Danny, and the team at The Cub House hosted the LA Invitational, a Euro spin on the weekend which included big rides on Saturday and the bike and car show on Sunday. John and Josh made it out to the City of Angels to document the people, bikes, rides, and more, so check out a chubby gallery and some words from John below!

I get really sentimental when I write about the community Sean, Carla, and Danny have cultivated at The Cub House. What began as a storefront for their in-house brand, Team Dream Team quickly evolved into one of the most vibrant, well-curated bike and plant shops in the world.

Over the years, The Cub House has hosted several events, bringing in people from all over the US for a weekend full of dirt roads, mountainous vistas, great food, and more. The Bike Show/Swap and Car Show began in 2018 as a whim and exploded to its current form, attracting all sorts of cars, bikes, and people.

Car culture in Los Angeles is a real thing, for better or for worse, but one thing’s for sure here, the weekend’s event draws in the crowds.

All proceeds from the weekend went to support the Lowelifes, a LA-based trail organization that works to keep singletrack flowing in the Angeles National Forest.


Josh and I spent the weekend documenting Saturday’s ride and Sunday’s showcase, so let’s let the photos and this video do the talkin’!

… and I’d like to thank the entire Cub House crew for kickin’ so much ass this weekend! Events like this take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but they make it look effortless. Get some rest, y’all!