The Cub House’s Third Annual Bike Show and Swap… and Auto Show!

When Sean from the Cub House told me his dream of putting on a bike and auto show, I wasn’t exactly sure how it’d pan out. Now, don’t get me wrong, Southern Californians love their cars and in this social circle, people love their bicycles just as much, if not more. I was worried that the cars would take center stage over the bikes, or it would get overrun with the auto show crowd. Boy, was I wrong!

Did you see our gallery of this Medici-built Carnevale?

Not to undermine the Cub House’s efforts. This was the third year of the Cub House’s Bike Show and Swap and every year, the bikes that are on display are always stunning, but this year’s entrants were the best yet. So what about the cars? Well, the rule was each car had to have a bike on it. Whether that’s a bike in the bed of a truck, or on a roof rack. Sure, there were a few vehicles that broke this rule, but no one was complaining. With the swap meet packed with deals for days, a toy drive, and a kit donation center, there was a lot of Holiday Spirit circulating throughout the Cub House.

I left the show, stoked for the holidays, and stoked for the Cub House and the community they’ve grown over the years. Enjoy these photos and stay tuned for more bikes! Now… which is your favorite auto?


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