Garrett Chow on the Argonaut Mavic 125ans Road Bike


Garrett Chow on the Argonaut Mavic 125ans Road Bike


Garrett Chow is an exceptional designer and I’m very fond of his work. In today’s industry, so many cycling-related projects rely on paint design, meaning it’s the ultimate crux in a project’s success.

It’s easy to draw some chevrons, or paint a logo a pantone and call it a day, but to really dive into data, something that’s typically not visually stimulating and pull a compelling paint job from a series of numbers and historical markers takes talent.

With the recent Mavic 125ans project bikes, I took a liking to Argonaut‘s design. There was information there and it required you to stop and really examine every aspect of the bike. There were a lot of immaculate paint jobs in the 125ans bikes, but this one was more than that…

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The Argonaut Mavic 125ans Road Bike
Photos by John Watson and words by Garrett Chow

“I have designed a livery that aims to support and compliment the Mavic 125 Year Anniversary wheel-set that the bike will be built around. I did not want things to fight with, or compete with / overbear the components / wheelset.”


“On the top of the Top Tube, the 7 color blocks represent the 7 eras of Mavic’s logos’ lineage. 1923 to the present. While this timeline does not extend to 1889, and the company’s inception, the 4 additional color blocks on the bike’s rear-triangle reference the company’s 11 (7+4=11) innovation milestones.”


“Extending from:
01) 1889 Idoux & Chanel begin manufacturing bike parts, including the Apron Mudguard;
02) 1923 first Mavic logo and trademark, and manufacture of rims, mudguard, and handlebars; 03) 1934 750 grams Duralumin rim first made: Magne wins TdF by 27 minutes;
04) 1973 first fiberglass lenticular wheel, and neutral support;
05) 1975 anodized rims;
06) 1975 double hook bridged rims for high-pressure tires;
07) 1979 Le Tour Mavic complete system;
08) 1997 Helium Wheels;
09) 1993 ZMS Electronic Derailleur;
10) 1999 fore drilling process on Crossmax and Ksyrium;
11) 2012 CX01 Technology Wheel and Tire System”


“The bike looks modern and fast. I’ve taken great lengths to contain the graphics and color blocking to the character-lines / ID of the frame set. The graphics compliment and truly fit the bike.”


“On the Down Tube, are the corresponding evolution of the company’s branding: from 1923 at the Bottom Bracket, to present day / full expression of Pantone 012C Yellow at the Head Tube junction.”


“Note that the color blocked areas on the Top Tube, Down Tube, and rear triangle are all gloss-finish set against an otherwise all satin-finished raw carbon bike. This will really draw attention and focus to these areas, and consequently, Mavic and its heritage.”


“Note the Seat Post Head graphic I created celebrating and calling out the 1889 to 2014 / 125 Year Anniversary. I’ve also pulled out the Mavic Yellow on the Seat Post clamp, and on the Head Set lower bearing.”


“These elements help tie the bike together when seen as a whole. Note also, that all typography is set in Helvetica Neue, as per Corporate Identity guidelines. All instances of 100% Yellow are Pantone 012C.”

The paint was designed by Garrett Chow and executed by Eric Dungey of Colorworks in Eugene, OR.


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