The Mavic 125ans Project Bikes from Argonaut, Lynskey, Mosaic, Ritte and Seven

The Mavic 125ans Project came about to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the company. After the release of the Ksyrium 125 wheel in France earlier this spring, Chad Moore of Mavic USA reached out to a select group of frame builders who they felt were standouts in the industry.

Argonaut Cycles – working with designer Garrett Chow, Lynskey Performance, Mosaic Cycles – working with designer Zach Lee on their paint design, Ritte Cycles and Seven Cycles were contacted directly by Mavic.

Each builder was given a timeline and other than that, full artistic reign over their project bike. Looking to the Ksyrium 125 wheel for inspiration, each builder approached this unique collaboration in a way that represented what Mavic means to them and their brands.

These bikes will be released at Mavic’s brand communications center and Service Course in Los Angeles on 10 July, but I got a special sneak peek at the bikes yesterday, as I shot each in detail within the Mavic mechanics area. Both the Ritte and the Seven 125ans bikes will be auctioned off at the Pros Closet later this fall.

See this project in its entirety in the Gallery and there will be more to come, including interviews from some of the builders and an extensive look at Garrett Chow’s inspiration for the Argonaut Cycles road.

  • Keith Gibson

    great photo set, the contrasts are great. Sweet bikes too

  • Jason

    The bikes are all great looking. The one comment that I have is on the 7 bike, it seems that all other builders put their brand second and concentrated on the purpose of the bikes, which was to celebrate Mavic. Besides the yellow the only thing that I see are the 7 brand logos popping everywhere. Just my personal opinion that I would think it would be more important to put the client previous to your own brand in this situation.

    • Josh Siegel

      Totally agree – I noticed that as well. I’ll echo others comments that all are nice bikes. I think Ritte and Argonaut nailed the colorway for my aesthetic tastes and also seemed to celebrate the Mavic brand appropriately.

  • Kevin

    That Argonaut…DROOOOL.

  • Garrett Olsen

    Awesome, just awesome.

  • zuhair

    Wow, that Ritte really nailed it! That Lynskey though… I now understand why they don’t typically paint their bikes.

    • Alex Steinker

      It seriously looks like a frame they had built and painted for someone and slapped a couple Mavic Logos on for the event. I hate to be picky about components, but that bar on that bike is incredibly dated. That being said that paint scheme definitely appeals to a demographic of cyclists. Just not myself. Sweet stuff in here though!

  • Zach Lee

    Congratulations to all the builders, designers and painters who worked on these beautiful bikes! Most of all, congratulations to Mavic for being such a prolific company in the cycle world! Really great photo set Radavist.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Love the Argonaut. The logo history is great.

    • Tom

      Yeah that top tube timeline is super awesome!

  • Great photos, John. My appreciation of steel grows by the day, but carbon wins hands-down here. Argonaut, please.

  • James Moore

    the Argonaut is head and shoulders above the rest. what a classy bike.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    rad tribute!

  • PwetStar

    All-star porn photo shoot!~

  • sweet frames, shit wheels.

  • Grandpa

    I have to say, that Ritte is my favorite.

  • C.Silver

    Garrett/Argonaut is the obvious best design. Flames, Lynskey, seriously?

    • Andy Moore

      They were going for that #80svibe, apparently. *smh*

  • Andy Moore

    There’s a damn good reason why the Argonaut is on the cover of this gallery!

  • Pat Knox

    The brake pad holders on rear of the Lynskey are on in the wrong direction. I’m guessing this was done because there is not enough gap between the seat stays and the brake. Add a spacer, flip the pad holders, and make that bike safe!

  • Bob Be

    Awesome pics!

  • Erick Leos

    ARGONAUT and Rittle bikes are so sick

  • That Argonaut………………. Dat’damn!

  • Omair Alkhairy

    Agree with the shit wheels part, awesome bikes all of them, a brushed seven would have looked a lot better with a titanium cockpit.

  • ad_bc

    Proof positive that Yellow and Black is a great colour combo. You may not like all of them but the skill and expertise in producing these has to admired. For what its worth The Argonaut is probably my fav followed closely by the Ritte. (The little squares of light blue and orange are a great touch). Its a shame Mavic didn’t have a word with SRAM to produce a special SRAM yellow edition just for this. Great shoot too.

    • EffOhEff

      Look again at the Ritte, horribly sloppy masking on the little squares.

  • Richard Smith

    Argonaut gets my vote! Are those black-out DA cranks?

    • EffOhEff

      I think it might be the new 11speed 105… not sure though… I guess it could be some 3rd party anodizing. Argonaut produces such high quality finishing work, and always Shimano. Love it. The bikes with Sram look super sloppy, that Ritte has the worst masking, and that Lynskey… I don’t know.

  • Tyler Shannon

    Good Lord. These are absolutely absurd, in the best possible way.

  • JM

    The masking on the Ritte looks really bad. The Argonaut and Mosaic bikes are definitely my favorites.

  • +1 for Ritte

  • Gorgeous bikes, all of them.

    Side note: Is it just me or the photo angle? The saddle looks off-center on the Mosaic in photo #24.

  • A couple quick facts about the Argonaut paint-job: all done by Eric Dungey of Colorworks in Eugene, OR (he does all of Argonaut’s finish work;) that was one week, from receiving the frameset to build; the cranks are not a custom ano, that’s Eric too; the yellow gradient was done without digital color matching- all by eye (as an aside, Pantone colors do not translate directly into paint, it’s a much messier process than it should be.)

    I paint bikes with Eric when I’m in Eugene, so I see the amount of work that goes into those. Differential clears (matte over gloss, etc,) huge amounts of hand masked curves- he makes them all look good.

    • Yeah was going to do a full story on that bike alone…

  • Why have none of these got Mavic Mektronic?!

  • Ryan Mason

    Why is Ritte in the class of “framebuilders”? I can understand the sentiment of finding a group of rising bike companies, but Geekhouse or Firefly could have easily matched the design quality of Ritte and they’re actually builders…unless Ritte just stepped up their game.

    • Don’t ask me, I’m just the guy shooting the photos… ;-)

      • Ryan Mason

        Mosaic’s custom typeface on the downtube to match Mavic’s along with the slotted cable guide on the headtube leading to the barrel adjusters on the down is sick. Aaron and crew killed it.