Death Spray Custom and Stanridge Speed Volume 2 – Jason Sellers

Death Spray Custom and Stanridge Speed Volume 2
Photos by Jason Sellers and words by John Watson

Back in 2012, Adam Eldridge from Stanridge Speed was obsessing over the Red Hook Crit and the unique form of track bike evolving from these races. Unlike traditional track frames who only make left turns in a velodrome, the design of track crit frames need to be more dynamic. You’ve got to be able to pedal through all corners, even chicanes and do so with dozens of other racers around you. As a result, many of the track crit frames rely on steeper angles and higher bottom brackets for increased maneuverability. As we’ve seen in the past, it takes a bit of luck and a lot of skill to make it through one of these crits unscathed, not to mention winning a few back to back.

That’s where Adam’s interest piqued. Dan Chabanov had been on a winning streak and Adam wanted to put a Stanridge under him. The two were connected, via Squid, an OG bike messenger in New York and they began working together. Knowing this would be a big deal, Adam reached out to David at Death Spray Custom to make the project extra special. The rest is history, and David’s paint design made for an interesting story. Adam even got a matching kit made from a sales rack Voler skinsuit he then sublimated the design upon.


Fast forward to 2016, Adam wanted to work once again with Death Spray Custom, and make a much better kit. Stanridge Speed had a new pilot for the Red Hook Crit series. Hayley Edwards would race for the second Death Spray collaboration and Endo Customs would put her in one of their new racing skinsuits. Originally, the debut was supposed to launch in Milan but everything came together in time for Barcelona.


If you want to see this bike in Person, you’ll have to go to the Red Hook Crit Milan and if you’d like to see the original Death Spray x Stanridge Speed, you’ll have to go to Deluxe Cycles in Brooklyn.

Thanks to Jason Sellers for the exceptional photos and to Hayley Edwards for taking the time during her busy racing schedule to be photographed with the bike.


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