Stanridge Speed x Death Spray Custom Highstreet Track

Like a true artist, each and every piece that leaves Death Spray Custom has a concept, or a story behind it. When you first see this Stanridge Speed Highstreet, however, you might just end up scratching your head. Even though the concept is crystal clear. Let me elaborate.

A few years ago, when Dan Chabanov first received his Highstreet to race at the Red Hook Crit, the initial reaction someone had to the frame was “that’s not steel”. All it took was a magnet to prove it was, in fact, steel. When I walked in the doors at King Kog hours later, the magnet was still on the seat tube. Adam from Stanridge told David at DSC and he went wild with it.

Simple enough right? That’s the beauty of true art. It’s simple. The execution though, must be flawless and this bike is just that. Flawless. Well, that was until it flew over the barricade at the Red Hook Crit Navy Yard!

This machine has seen its share of races, spills and thrills. It’s not a wall-hanger, it comes alive at the Red Hook Crit. If you’re going to be at the Red Hook Crit Milan or Barcelona, you’ll be able to catch this bike in person. If not, see more in the Gallery!

  • Impalpablestate

    Beautiful Bike galleries always give me the highs and sets the mood for a good day.
    As always, brilliant is all i can say.

  • cincinnatus

    That bike is piloted by one of the sweetest dudes. If that is the bike Josh Direen raced/Racing Barca on. (as well as Dan)

  • kasual

    Gotta ask, how is the bike being propped up in these shots?

    • Wade Schultz

      Per usual, stick or some other small object that can be clone-stamped out in Photoshop.

      • kasual

        right, the photoshopping is what I neglected. cheers

        • Wade Schultz

          It always takes me a moment to remember how much work gets put into these galleries, no harm done. Cheers!

    • Magnets

      • kasual

        haha, of course

  • Wade Stevens

    great pics John.
    best answer to “what saddle is that” = TEST SADDLE.
    the matching skinsuits and Mavic yellow helmets were pretty cool too.
    hope Josh has better luck in Milan and Barcelona.

  • Christian DiCenso

    Sick paint job.

    Unfortunately, another gear question. What are the bars? Can’t quite make it out from the head-on shot.

    • btdubs

      Look like 3T Ergosum

      • Matt Barnum

        They’re Kona’s HyperSpeed Ultra-Aero bars.

  • albertjque

    hey what seatpost binder bolt is that

    • Jamie McKeon


  • daveaugust43

    This will look good with the Mediterranean Sea in the background

  • kermitonwheels

    Now we know! I never realised there was so much detail in this paint job, so thanks for sharing it. I’ve been a big DSC fan for a while now.

  • Ian Walker

    Love your photos, but I hate seeing them uncredited on tumblr:

  • John Jones

    ‘magnets; How do they work?’ -ICP

  • Leon

    Awesome bike!
    Does anyone know what bar this is? I don’t recognize the logo…
    cheers and thanks