The Search For ATB at The 2023 MADE Bike Show Video Recap

While our documentation of bikes, products, and people of MADE has wrapped for this year, we have special video recap from our friends at Mythical State Of. We set Daniel and Kyle loose in the show halls in a continuation of the perpetual Search for ATB… Check it out below!

Mythical State Of: Always be searching for the spirit of All Terrain Bicycling. Wherever it is, whoever it’s in, and whatever it’s up to, MSO is willing and committed to finding it, however long it takes. In lakes, on mountaintops, in the legs of Subject Athletes, in Cartagena, etc. We are restless and hopeful. We use crystals and portals and Korean-style fried chicken to fuel our minds. We decipher ancient Cardiogothic runes like Tom Hanks does in the Da Vinci code only this isn’t a movie, this is real life.

Many hundreds of thousands of folks—a whole society of folks— fully believe the spirit of ATB came to earth on a full moon ride in 1996 in Sedona, Arizona, when the Scott Man aka Scoteroo did a no-handed bunny hop over a baby saguaro shortly after smoking a mid-ride bowl and doing some casual reiki just past the Seven Sacred Pools on Soldier Pass Trail. It, the spirit of ATB, came out of the sky like an anodized bolt of lighting or St Elmo’s fire and through a mythological transmutation process called the “quickening,” literally became the set of gold Kooka Cranks on Scoteroo’s red Santa Cruz Tazmon.

We heard those cranks might be at the Made Show, which took place in a boat garage in a Superfund site on a 100-degree day.