Bags by Bird: Goldback Bag Dec 10, 2018

Bags by Bird is a side project of Jay from JayBird films. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Jay makes beautiful videos, most notably El Silencio, a project with Tumbleweed Bikes. On these intense bikepacking trips, Jay was testing out his prototype bag, and working on launching his company, Bags by Bird, or BXB for short. His flagship bag is the Goldback, available in a variety of sizing and material options and made one at a time by Jay. See the Goldback bags at Bags by Bird.

2 responses to “Bags by Bird: Goldback Bag”

  1. Emory Hancock says:

    I’ve seen these bags in person. Very impressive, and the new Niño is great for shorter riders like me. One of these will be my next bike-related splurge.
    One small niggle, the bag is called the ‘Goldback’ not the ‘Goldbar’.