Watch El Silencio: Cycling the Peru Divide Here! Dec 6, 2018

Jay Bird Films‘ project with Tumbleweed Bicycle Co is live today! Filmed entirely on bicycle, El Silencio brings the viewer along through the highs and lows of four cyclists as they traverse the mountainous Peru Divide bikepacking route.

  • Joey Sikorski

    I hope folks get to see this! It looked fricken awesome! The views were beautiful and the ride looked amazing. Defiantly loved all the farm animals too

  • Stephen Balcao

    Awesome vid! Who carried the drone?

    • If I recall, they took turns carrying it.

      • Yeah, you’re right John. Thankfully Pepper, Cass and Daniel hauled a couple pounds of batteries and gear each. I couldn’t have done it without them!

  • Jordan Muller

    Wow. I really appreciate how they produced this. A lot of cycling videos present a constant stoke fest which is super fun, but not always accurate. This video included the monotony, the subtle details, and the silence of touring. I really felt like I was there with the clean audio as well. Absolutely beautifully done.

    • Thanks Jordan for the kind words & glad you enjoyed it!

  • Alan

    Great film!

  • I really enjoyed this one. Well done to all involved.

  • Peter Chesworth