Shige and His Monotone Sklar Monster Cross

Shige is in town for the Sim Works pop-up at the Cub House. Normally, he works at Circles, the bike shop that created Sim Works in Japan. His job is to work in the “custom lab” at the shop, where various frame builders display their creations and the Circles customers can choose components and frames to make their dream bike. Remember our Shop Visit? Circles is a beautiful shop!

After the Chris King Swarm event, Shige made his way slowly down to Los Angeles, where we rode bikes and I shot his Sklar Monster Cross, which as the name implies, fits a massive 2.2″ 27.5 tire. The rest of the build is quite balleur, so excuse the excessive bling, but when you’re in the business of selling custom bikes for Circles, your bike has to look this good!


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  • Thomas Malcolm Macleay

    Shige’s a cool dude. I visit Circles whenever I’m in Japan. It’s worth a visit. Love this bike!

    • Ughhhhh I want Earlybirds so bad! I miss that whole crew.

    • Sean Talkington

      He is the best!

  • Nathan Crissman

    Ask and you shall receive! This bike is a beauty, thanks for more great content!

  • Kevin Capo

    It’s…. beautiful.

  • Love this one. Understated but at the same time, full on!

  • rcatleastthreecharacters

    Cool bike and cooler dude! Can’t wait to visit Circles in the fall.

  • California Travis

    Ha I literally just posted this bike on the PAUL IG and then saw this. This is is such a rad “do-anything” travel bike. Shige’s rad. Great pics!

  • AdamBike99

    Clearance Clarence! 8-)
    And that stance!

  • Mr Pink

    Drop bar mountain bike, not monstercross. Putting drop bars on bikes with mountain bike tires goes back to the beginning of mountain bikes. But otherwise, yeah, sweet ride. Johnny Tomac road a drop bar mountain bike so no shame in calling a spade a spade. :)

    BTW great column just popped up on about the misconceptions of what is “monstercross” as it’s largely been misled by an MTB thread. check it out.

    • Tomac rode a mountain bike with drop bars. The only thing “mtb” about this bike is the tires. It’s a ‘cross / all-road bike with MTB tires. There is nothing MTB about this bike other than those tires. You put a road slick on it and it’s a chubby road bike. IMO, it’s the frame geometry that makes the bike…

      • david coughlin

        i mostly agree with you John, however early 90’s mtb geometry is very similar to todays cross bike’s and certainly very small road bikes like this gentelman would ride. What was “NORBA Geo” (71deg head x 73deg seat) is very close if not the same as our modern cross bike geo of 70.5-71.5deg. head x 74 -73 seat angle. Also 90’s mtn bikes top tubes where at least a full inch shorter if not 2 inches shorter then todays standards in mtn.
        that said the BB hieght would have been signifcantly higher on Mr. T’s bike.
        whatever this very rad.
        Its rare to see a small bike look so balanced and proportionate, especially with full knobbies.

    • I’m not really into labels, so call it whatever you like. But as John said, this style of bike has “road bike” geometry but it clears big tires. It’s part of the slow progression back towards XC MTB’s!

      • Yeah, my least favorite part of this process (shooting / editing / typing) is naming all these bikes. hah!

  • Sebastian Burnell

    Sklar frames are just the peak of elegance even with fat “mtb tires” (-;

  • I love seeing this bike used and scratched up! Shige did such a nice job with the build and I’m glad he has fun riding it all around!

  • Thanks John for another great article and photos!

  • Webster

    I saw a guy that looked like him riding trails in Los Osos a few months back. I love seeing those bikes on the trails. It’s completely different and contrary to what the mtb industry is pushing.

  • Mr Sun

    wonderful setup !!