Scenes from the Sim Works Convenie Pop-Up at the Cub House

Over the past few months, the Cub House has been host to a number of pop-up shops inside its San Marino space. There’s a 10’x10′ room which happens to make for a perfect space for brands to display their product. This round, Sean, Danny, and Carla reached out to Japan’s Sim Works to open a “convenie” – Japanese slang, shortened from convenience store – filled with Sim Works, their outdoor brand, RAL, as well as Japanese snacks and trinkets. In the Cub House fashion, the team decided to make a big deal about it, throwing a group ride, and pinging Mick from 100 Tacos to cater the event.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to swing through the Cub House to see the Sim Works Convenie Store!

The Cub House
2510 Mission St
San Marino, CA 91108

13 responses to “Scenes from the Sim Works Convenie Pop-Up at the Cub House”

  1. Superpilot says:

    Man I wish I could get sets of those guards

  2. Naz Hamid says:

    It should be “konbini” no?

  3. Peter Chesworth says:

    The SimWorks stuff is very lovely – Nitto and Honjo for cool people way younger than me. Japanese English patois is very endearing – I don’t know what Lazy Parade means but it aligns with translations that Google serves up from MKS and others. Like the Hearty Guide on the seat belts of Nissan S-Cargos in the 90s. That Doppo is just absolutely doppo.

  4. Pete Knight says:

    The cart is looking good Mick! Diggin all the updates. Lemme know when the hats drop too! Great photos John, as always!

  5. SimWorks says:

    Thanks + Arigato John for the great photos and article as always!!

  6. Thomas Malcolm Macleay says:

    N A G O Y A ! ! !

  7. goth brooks says:

    #merauderbraids #masterkiller

  8. Sean Talkington says:

    Thank you Rie, Shige & EVERYONE at Sim Works!