eeWings Titanium MTB Cranks by Cane Creek Apr 16, 2018

A legendary crankset returns for modern riding, with world-renown weight savings (400 grams!) and classic looks. Head to Cane Creek to order their new eeWings ti mtb cranks for $999.00. Hey, lookin this good sometimes comes at a hefty cost.

  • Excessive. And I love them.

  • If you can afford ‘em.

  • AaronBenjamin

    Made in USA?

    • James Rollins


      • Thomas Lowry

        That is really disappointing to hear for a crankset that costs 1k.

    • I wish!

  • Peperbek

    In a time where we gladly pay over $200 for a pair of bibs this is a bargain

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    D A M N

  • Raymond Walker

    28.99mm spindle or GTFOoouuuuuttahere! ;-)

  • Jesse Rinyu

    Well, FINALLY!

  • Ryan McKee

    Little tiny scratch = scotchbrite
    Real scratch = Nyalox wheel
    Me = nerd alert

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

    Their aluminum preload adjuster also fits Race Face Cinch cranks and they sell it separately to replace the plastic one that Race Face supplies. Just installed some Race Face cranks, but was non-plussed by the use of plastic down there.

  • Jon Severson

    $1000 seems steep, but a 10 year warranty has my interest. Even if they weighed a bit more. A classic look, compatible with Sram 3bolt dm rings so easy to find anywhere. Scuffed? Scotchbrite some and done.

    Got a dream build of a nice steel AM frame with reynolds of chromag i40 rims. IRD Mantricor 840mm bar, MRP or Cane creek fork. Bikeyoke dropper. Xpedo pedals. XT 1x with eithirteen 9-44 cassette. Magura trail spott brakes. Done. A lot of stuff that’ll last a long time.

  • Bernat Vilaginés

    Another piece for my dream build list!

  • Ted Barbeau

    Me: “He is a loathesome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.”
    Also Me: “He transcends time and space.”
    Me: “He sickens me.”
    Also me: “I love it.”
    Me: “Me too.”

  • 12 years in the making! Good work, Craig!

  • Fasar

    A titanium crankset makes a lot of sense. Though, from the design point of view this does not look that attractive. Hopefully better designs will come soon on the market.