Radar Roundup: Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post, Revel Love Your Brain, Sunburst Helm MKii, Fairlight Faran 2.0 Damson, High Viz Gramm Bag, Repro Rights Ride ATX, Gravel Adventure Colorado, Tunitas, and Gravel and Loam Ep 6


Radar Roundup: Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post, Revel Love Your Brain, Sunburst Helm MKii, Fairlight Faran 2.0 Damson, High Viz Gramm Bag, Repro Rights Ride ATX, Gravel Adventure Colorado, Tunitas, and Gravel and Loam Ep 6

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post $349.95-379.95

The new Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post uses a first-of-its-kind self-bleeding cartridge. This means that any air that gets into the fluid chamber is automatically purged with every up/down motion. It also means that the Resolve Dropper Post never sags and there is no need for manual reset. The new patented dropper post technology and design eliminate the need to replace and buy multiple expensive cartridges during the lifetime of the dropper post.

The Resolve Dropper Post has the shortest stack height of any dropper post at 32mm and has a short insertion length. These two features allow the Resolve Dropper Post to fit longer travel on more bikes, including smaller frame sizes, frames with curved seat tubes, and frames with bottle bosses on the seat tube. The Resolve Dropper Post is also one of the lightest dropper posts on the market when looking at grams per millimeter of travel. It’s lightweight, keeps a low profile, and is compatible with round or oval saddle rails. It is available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, with travel options of 125, 160, and 200mm.

Another unique feature of Resolve Dropper Post is adjustable travel via 5mm spacers. Dropper posts purchased on WolfToothComponents.com have the option of adding up to seven spacers and these will be built to order. Add two spacers to a 200mm travel dropper post to reduce travel to 190mm, add four spacers to a 160mm travel dropper post to reduce travel to 140mm, and so on. Spacer kits and service videos are also available to guide travel adjustment at home.

A unique, proprietary design with the patented Resolve Technology self-bleeding cartridge is at the core of the Resolve Dropper Post. Wolf Tooth engineers have been working on this project for almost four years. No other dropper post is truly self-bleeding like the Resolve Dropper post. It was designed, engineered, and assembled at Wolf Tooth in Minnesota, USA with CNC machined parts. It is a cable-actuated dropper post and was optimized to be paired with the Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action, though it is compatible with any dropper lever that uses a cable.

Like all Wolf Tooth products, every individual component is available as a replacement part through the Wolf Tooth Right to Repair program. If something breaks in a crash, only the damaged part may need to be replaced instead of the entire dropper post. This is great for the customer because a $4 part is easier to replace than a complete dropper post assembly. It’s 100% user-serviceable and service can be done by any experienced home bike mechanic – similar to a suspension fork, but simpler. Customers can also send their dropper post to Wolf Tooth or their local bike shop for service if needed. Also thanks to Right to Repair, It’s possible to switch diameters from 30.9 to 31.6mm, as lower section assemblies are available as replacement parts.

Josh has been riding with the new Resolve for a few weeks now and will be sharing his thoughts in an upcoming review, so drop any questions you have for him in the comments!

See more at Wolf Tooth.


Revel Bikes and Love Your Brain 2022 Fundraising Raffle

Revel Bikes is proud to announce our fourth annual fund raiser for the LoveYourBrain Foundation. Over the past three years, Revel has raised $169,000 to help LoveYourBrain further their mission of improving the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI) and raise awareness about the importance of brain health.  Donate now and potentially win at Revel Bikes!


Cane Creek Limited Sunburst Helm MKII $1099.99

The Limited Edition Sunburst Helm MKII is available in our 29-inch wheel | 44mm offset platform with Cane Creek’s travel adjustable air spring pre-set at 160mm travel or Helm Coil with 160mm travel. For this special Orange and Gold Helm, the bolt-on Helm Fender is included with the purchase.

All of Cane Creek’s Helm forks are designed with modularity in mind, requiring only 10mm spacers to be used to change travel on any Helm AIR fork. The tunable independent positive and negative air chambers – along with the self-contained indexed volume adjustment system allow any rider to set up their fork for whatever their personal style or the trail requires.

All Helm MKII Air forks can be internally adjusted from 100mm-160mm in 10mm increments.

All of Cane Creek’s suspension products are hand-built in Western North Carolina and rigorously tested in the Pisgah National Forest. This Limited Sunburst Helm MKII is available while supplies last for $1099.99 at Cane Creek.

Fairlight Faran 2.0 Frameset New Color Damson £750

Fairlight makes some of the nicest production frames on the market, and for those sniffin’ around a Faran 2.0 frameset, there’s good news: these frames are now open for pre-order, and they come in a new color (Damson), a light burgundy. Roll on over to Fairlight to read more.

Gramm-Tourpacking Seat Bag 2-3L VX25 HOT ORANGE / HIGH VIS €119.00

After coming off a bike tour on the opening day of hunting season, we were reminded that cyclists should have something orange on their person and bike to increase visibility for hunters. That means an orange jacket or hemlet, or yeah, a saddle bag. Gramm-Tourpacking just launched its 2-3L Seat Bag in Hot Orange.


  • Tough and light X-Pac™ VX25 HOT ORANGE
  • Inner Lining: Nylon Ripstop light grey
  • Hypalon rubber fabric for seat post area
  • Volume: 2-3L
  • Measures open: 440 × 160 x 130 (L × W × H)
  • Measures closed: about 300 × 160 x 130 (L × W × H)
  • Internal plates for stability
  • Weight: 260g
  • Fixing:
  • 1x VELCRO® for Seat post
  • 2x ITW buckles for saddle rack mounting

Roll on over to Gramm to see more!



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San Luis Valley – South Central Colorado Gravel Adventure Field Guide

Extending nearly 8,000 square miles, averaging 7,262 ft of elevation, and receiving less than 10 inches of rain a year makes it the largest high-altitude desert in all of North America. The San Luis Valley encompasses six counties, including Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Rio Grande, and Saguache, and has a relatively low population size.

Touring the San Luis Valley exposes gravel cyclists to a region rich in cultural history with a deep spirituality for nature and all it has to provide. Routes in this guidebook are challenging and will test the endurance and skills of any seasoned rider. Those with a mountain bike background will appreciate routes with little pavement and sections of rough technical gravel. The remote terrain and distanced agricultural communities of the San Luis Valley combine to provide gravel adventure cyclists with a distinct Colorado riding experience. Time spent here is a chance to calm the mind, find peace in the open landscape, and connect with a less busy way of living.



Tunitas Carryall

Brian Tran paid Tunitas Carryall a visit and shot a video of their operation.



Gravel and Loam: EP6 – Here Fishy Fishy

Hello Oregon fly fishing! In Episode 6, the Gravel and Loam Society goes bikefishing the Metolius river with Gracie this week. We have our quick deploy, Reyr Gear rods so we can easily hop up and down the river to find the perfect spot.


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