Radar Roundup: Matador Cane Creek eeBrakes, Rapha Explore, Mr. Wooden Pre-Order, Steady Bar Bag, Daypacking on Bikes, and Magic Feeling


Radar Roundup: Matador Cane Creek eeBrakes, Rapha Explore, Mr. Wooden Pre-Order, Steady Bar Bag, Daypacking on Bikes, and Magic Feeling

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Cane Creek Matador eeBrakes $779.99

Cane Creek is proud to announce a new limited edition of their critically-acclaimed eeBrakes – The Matador. Cane Creek’s The Matador eeBrake flaunts red and pewter with some small gold details to add color to any custom bike build. Known for their extraordinary stopping power, incredible adjustability and remarkable control, Cane Creek’s eeBrakes are half the weight of its competitors and continue to set new standards by which all other high-performance rim brakes are judged.

eeBrakes are an ultra-light, high-performance, rim brake developed by acclaimed component designer Craig Edwards and are assembled by hand in Cane Creek’s facility just outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

Cane Creek has released two limited edition eeBrakes per year since 2017, each limited to a small quantity. The brakes have become a favorite for custom builders and enthusiasts looking to add character, and stopping power to their bikes. The striking colors and the limited number of brakes produced have made them highly sought-after products over the past several years.

The Matador eeBrakes are available while supplies last. Starting Tuesday, January 31st the brakes will be sold exclusively in sets of two with a retail price of $779.99 per set while supplies last with shipments expected to begin in February 2023. See more at Cane Creek.

Rapha Explore Gore Tex C-Knit Jacket and Pants

When winter sets in, many cyclists convert to skiers for the season, yet many other cyclists stick to their bikes and for those cyclists, warm winter gear is of the utmost importance. Further expanding on its Explore line, Rapha just announced the C-Knit Jacket and Pants, both made from Gore Tex fabrics and designed to keep you warm in the most frigid temperatures.

The C-Knit jacket and pants are full of details, so check out the Explore Pants and C-Knit Jacket at Rapha

Brother Cycles Mr. Wooden Pre-Order Now Open £582.50

Mr Wooden is Brother Cycles’ all new all-purpose frameset – it’s a modern randonneur, a gravel bike, a tourer that isn’t afraid to venture off-road. The frameset is designed to run a 650b/27.5 quick-release wheelset (tire clearance up to 650b x 50 or 27.5 x 1.9″) with rim brakes and features a low-mid trail fork up front. Why rim brakes you might ask?  Well, some will argue they’re easier to maintain and more reliable than disc; however, what we know for certain is it allows us to create a lighter frame which is super comfortable, flexible and fast – designed for those long days in the saddle when you’re not sure where you’ll end up.

Check out the pre-order now at Brother Cycles.

Steady Co Bar Bag $120

The simple Bar Bag gets a fun makeover by Steady Co with this color-contrasty bag, complete with a number of different materials and patterns. Bar bags don’t have to be complicated and the Steady Bar Bag embodies that belief. Check out the specs below and pre-order at Steady Bag Co.


  • 8” W x 4.5” D x 4.5“ H
  • 1000D Cordura exterior, ECOPAK/Xpac
  • Ecopak/Xpac interior
  • Designed to mount underneath the handlebars but has rear daisy chain for flexible mounting options.
  • Wide-opening zip top
  • Internal mesh pocket
  • Front gusset pocket with quick stash flap
  • Interior foam core for body stability
  • Shoulder strap included




Daypacking on Bikes | Humbolt Coast | Eureka, California

Dallas Mignano went on a chill daypacking ride with his cousin, Dominic Zuckswert, over the holidays. We rode out from his place in Eureka, making the Bigfoot Taproom in McKinleyville. Dom gives a brief overview of the current bikepacking setup he uses on his Specialized Fuse 27.5″.

This ride through Humbolt County also included the Samoa Bridge, Manilla, Arcata, and part of the Hammond Coast Trail and bridge that goes over the Mad River. We also came across many different types of mushroom fungi along the way, which Dom tried to identify. It was a fun, little ride along the Pacific Coast in Northern California.



Magic Feeling

What would you choose if you could have one superpower? There are so many options to choose from: flying, being invisible, or even super-strength, but what if you could choose to have your dream trails appear right-in-front of you…anywhere, anytime?



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