Land Run 100 Rides: Addison’s Stripped State Single Speed – Jarrod Bunk

Land Run 100 Rides: Addison’s Stripped State Single Speed
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Thirty-hours, nope that’s not the travel time from Quebec to Land Run 100.  It is the amount of time it took Addison to hand strip his State Bicycle Single speed and leave behind some beautiful layers.

Devoid of paint, and the tensioner that caused him some issues last year, Addison is ready for a rowdy and dry time.  Built with one goal in mind, going fast, Addison’s bike is built with a mix of Zipp, Quarq and SRAM road parts, this eccentric bottom bracket bike can be run as a single speed or a geared bike for any situation.


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  • skog_smog

    I like how the few remnants of paint look like topographical maps.

    • Harry

      Or a stress zone heat map! Which may be accurate in those junctions!

    • Kyle

      I like that take. I was thinking stress concentrations from finite element analysis.

  • Goyo

    46×19? Also like those little splashes of color that remain

  • dan scheie

    Looks like that Fordite stuff they get from automotive spray booths and make jewelry with it .

    • AngryBikeWrench

      My thought exactly.

  • RX178

    Is that the State Bike singlespeed cross frame?

  • Dave Pelletier

    very cool. leftover paint areas look like midway through one of those gobstopper candies I would get as a kid.

  • Jawbreaker. The little pops of color on this are really great 👌

  • AdamBike99

    It’s cool that the most difficult and time consuming spots to sand make for a visually appealing art statement. I’d skip those spots every time… if I could!
    signed, Adam the professional sander who paints bikes a little, too. ;-)

    • Guccigang

      Media blast er wut

  • benreed

    In a muddy year, this would be the correct bike to use.

  • Guccigang

    It looks like it was mortally wounded by a very heavy person. Or a moots possibly. Interesting specimen

  • marty larson

    Love the effect of the remaining paint and the transitions. well done.

  • Justin Pyatt

    It reminds me of a “relic” finish on a guitar. That sort of finish on a new guitar can be polarizing, but i like it when it’s tastefully done. This bike makes me bike bike companies to offer “relic’d” finishes on their top tier halo bikes. A Trek project one relic job would be siiiiiick!