Crust Bikes: Lightning Bolt Randonneuring Frameset Jan 16, 2018

Writing product description takes finesse, yet clearly, Matt from Crust Bikes really enjoyed writing about their newest frameset, the Lightning Bolt:

“The Lightning bolt is a dedicated low trail randonneur frame. Unlike the rest of our frames this one is designed with pavement in mind. Max tire clearance is 650b X 48c. Compatible with both 1X, 2X or even triple chainring set up. Main tubes are made from some pretty thin wall Renoylds 853, which I noticed a bunch of people wanted the Romanceur to be, so here it is. Will it plane I hear you ask? It flexes in such a harmonic resonance, you will think you are surfing Kelly slaters wave pool riding a Mick Mackie flex tail fish, doing the smoothest high lines this side of Derek Hynd at J.Bay, it just planes that good! What am I talking about I hear you ask? Contact Jan Heine to find out, be sure to mention Kelly Slaters wave pool, I mean come on people! How is no one else trying to make a bike ride like a surfboard on an artificial wave?”

See more at Crust Bikes!

  • Robert Driskell

    This would go pretty good with that new Giro line. ;)

    • AdamBike99

      OD goes well with Everything! It’s an earth tone… ;-)

  • George T Rosselle

    I know disc brakes are all the rage now, but why on earth would you put disc brakes on a frame that you want to “plane”? That requires stouter tubes on the fork that lessens the ride quality, particularly on a bike that will primarily be used on the road. And with the thinner tubes it must not be meant for carrying any kind of significant load. So the disc brakes are just for show. Looks pretty good otherwise.

    • Nathan Fenchak

      I think they have other models that are designed as touring bikes. And the brakes are to stop the bike (hopefully).

      I don’t think that a production bike can plane the way Jan Heine describes it unless you’re extremely lucky and happen to weigh just the right amount and have a natural cadence that works with the frame, and even then you’re still better off just not worrying about it and buying the fastest and comfiest tires that you can, because they matter a lot more than whether the 853 tubes plane or make the frame weigh 6 oz less than a Surly.

      • Nathan Fenchak

        And there really just aren’t that many light rims in 650b that will also allow rim brakes.

        • Matthew J

          Perhaps not many, but certainly some good ones.

          • Nathan Fenchak

            There are enough for now.

          • Matthew J

            Wonderful coincidence! Now happens to be when I own a rim brake 650b.

        • DaymanDaryl

          But there are enough. All I need is two.

      • DaymanDaryl

        The discontinued Rawland rSogn and Stag plane like a gawddaam Boeing. Matt shaved .1 off of the wall thicknesses compared to the Romanceür, so that’s move in the right direction. If he had used standard diameter tubing with the same butts (.8/.5/.8), these would be Cesnas! I gar row tee!

    • Double or triple stringers still plane. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Solid answer.

        • let’s go surfing next time you’re in LA!

  • Nicholas Tingey

    Mine arrived yesterday. I’m out of town til Friday & cannot wait to get home & build it up!

    • Jealous! Post up pics when you’re done building it up!

  • Peter Chesworth

    Matt does bikes that he likes. He said so on a recent hilarious TPLP chat. The three pictures on this page – Romanceur, Dreamer and Lightning Bolt, are all bikes that I like too. Don’t care about brakes, whatever. You buy a bike, adapt to it and work around it. That is what makes it yours, creates the bond.