Saddle Drive 2017: Salsa Mukluk Carbon GX Eagle

We’re here in Tahoe at Northstar for QBP’s Saddle Drive!

The Salsa family of fatbikes didn’t change much this year, aside from more kit offerings and what I would consider a great bang for your buck, in terms of a full-fat expedition rig. In this family tree, the Beargrease is the more nimble of the two, yes, even for a fatbike, making it the ideal race machine. Yet, for expedition-style riding, or bikepacking, the Mukluk reins supreme. This year’s model has four pricepoints, ranging from the balleur Mukluk Carbon XO1 Eagle build for $5,399, down to the alloy Mukluk NX1 for $1,799. Resting between those two kit options is the Mukluk Carbon SLX 1×11 for $2,699 and this model, the Mukluk Carbon GX Eagle for $3,499. The paint remains earth-toney and muted this round, but these build kits, especially the GX, offer versatility to a go-anywhere expedition rig.

There’s more to come from Salsa next week and in the near future, unfortunately, with so many of their bikes under embargo, we’ll have to wait until September to see more.