29 Camping Bikes and Their Riders From Swift Campout Vancouver – Morgan Taylor

Photos and words by Morgan Taylor

From first time bicycle campers to experienced fully loaded singletrack riders, 30 people joined us for Swift Campout here in Vancouver. Swift Industries‘ global call to head out for a bicycle overnight on solstice weekend was a perfect opportunity for us to scope a camp spot and a route and put out an open invite.

After weeks of route planning, helping with camp setups, and hoping for good weather, the sun shone down Saturday morning and we set out en masse with spirits high. For a good number, it was their first time camping by bike, or their first time loading up without racks to ride singletrack to camp.

A quick ferry ride landed us on the Sunshine Coast just outside Vancouver and the group split up, one third to ride a challenging singletrack-heavy overland route and two thirds to ride the backroads, eat ice cream, and swim in the ocean. We converged on the camp spot in the evening and shared stories of our travels.

As expected, we met lots of great people, got to ride bikes and hang out on the roads and trails and beaches, cook and camp together, learn more about ourselves and each other. Thanks so much to the wonderful folks at Swift Industries for facilitating this global event!


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  • Tom

    I read somewhere last year that the best bike for bike packing is the one that you have already got. This set of photos proves that that advice is spot on!

  • Matthew J

    One IGH, no single speeds. Am I that much an outlier?

    • Tom, our resident single speed bikepacker, couldn’t make the trip.

  • Great photos! I’ve always wanted to do a series like this at the start of a group ride but getting people to slow down for a photo is like herding cats. Props!

  • bikecow

    #21 is the best! She perfectly embodies the spirit of the event. Run what you brung and have some fun!

    • jamesacklin

      Actually indicative of what real people (read: not bike nerds) bring for a bike camping trip. I love it!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Kudos on the consistent subject centering on the road, Morgan!

    • Thanks! I had a captive audience with our smaller group heading back to the ferry. Drew a nice line in the dirt for bikes and kept the focal length consistent.

      With the group shot still at camp, I wish I’d shot everyone on the camp road like the first few, but didn’t want to disturb people while they were packing up!

  • So stoked on this!

  • Andrew Squirrel

    Does anyone have a RWGPS map for the route that both groups took?

  • jordan_vondy

    jordan’s vaya is rad. I am jordan, and I also ride a vaya. Send it Jordan!


    • jordan_vondy

      side note: obviously Morgan’s photos are way cooler than mine. Way to go Morgan.

      • That’s a rad spot, though!

        • jordan_vondy

          It was a pretty rad spot. Big Bend National Park has a couple hundred mikes of gravel roads that circumnavigate 7,000 ft peaks on the Texas/Mexico border. If you haven’t been yet, you should go.

  • Sebastian Burnell

    Quite Interesting, no one with a Specialized Awol? I wonder why? Not cool enough?

    • DominicBruysPorter

      because it’s heavier and less sporty than the Sequoia maybe?

      • Sebastian Burnell

        I just wondered in general. Salsa Vaya, Fargo or Kona Sutra, Rove are as “heavy” as the Awol, aren`t they and yet I see them more often in these reports than an Awol.
        Nevertheless, all great bikes.

        • The Rove is definitely not as heavy as an AWOL, more comparable to the Sequoia honestly, and the Fargo is slower than both the Sutra and Vaya due to the longer chainstay. It’s really just a random selection of 30 people, so I’m not surprised that one particular bike didn’t show up.

        • DominicBruysPorter

          I’ve yet to see an awol in person, and my sis just bought a Sutra. I don’t know. Maybe they’re at an awkward price point relative to the comparable bikes from the company?

    • estheteGM

      That’s me with the Sequoia. It just ticked all the boxes for what I wanted this year. No hate on the AWOL.

      • James Daugherty

        Dig your bike yo!

  • Nice shirt, Adam! #raddad

    • Peter Hedman

      Make some more – I’ll buy one!

    • Adam Brownfield

      Thanks! Love that shirt. #dadstrytoberad

  • Alex Steadman


    • Jonathan McCurdy

      well put

    • Rocky Rococo

      I would really like a bike check from Scott!!

  • Richard

    Bikes are beautiful, pass it on.

  • edelman

    When did it become so trendy to mount your panniers on the front? I feel like such a square for buying backrollers a week ago.

    • When we all wanted to ride lighter bikes with shorter rear ends that get really unstable when you rear load them. If you’ve got the long rear end to handle rear loading, go on with your bad self!

      • Emory Hancock

        Also, that sweet sweet #randolife is calling.

  • Ace Metric Cycles


  • jamesacklin

    Andrew’s Hakkalugi (#13) is perfect, holy crap

  • Sani Saniman

    Nice bikes and bags! 👍🏼

  • Sani Saniman

    Cool bikes and bags!

  • Rob Grey

    great set! makes me happy that there are so many like-minded folk with their priorities straight. wish i could’ve joined, but i was doing the bc epic that weekend: still riding and camping though

  • Daniel Lemke

    What kind of panniers does Simon have? #20

    • They’re some older ones from MEC, our equivalent to REI.

  • Zac

    Man, one of the coolest things about an event like this that takes place in so many disparate areas among such a large population united by a handful of commonalities is seeing what makes each region’s bike/bikecamping community unique. I live in Austin, and we’re definitely dirty down here.

  • Bill Solomon (Roadscrape88)

    Lots of cool bikes. Anyone know what #27 is? I can’t quite make it out by zooming in – too fuzzy. Last syllable looks like “…icci”.
    Makes me want to sell off the stable to go N_1…..

    Bill in Roswell, GA

    • Harry Major

      It the version one Crust Romanceur

  • Angelo Medina

    Siobhan and her Medici

  • Daniel Drott

    I’m wondering what rack Michelle is using on her Rove? Looks really neat!
    Great pictures Morgan!

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Those Gen1 Fargos really do it for me, especially in the XL and bigger sizes really a groundbreaking bike.