Seven Rider Portraits from a Winter Overnight – Morgan Taylor


Seven Rider Portraits from a Winter Overnight – Morgan Taylor

Photos and words by Morgan Taylor.

Here in Vancouver we’ve been experiencing one of the coldest winters in decades, with more days below freezing than I can ever remember. Over the past six weeks, since firing up #coffeeoutsideyvr, there’s been much talk of packing up and getting out for some overnights. And lately, with sunset already an hour later than it was at solstice, it was imminent that the talk become action.

When you’re already getting together at 7:00 on a Friday morning, with cold extremities and hot drinks, an overnight in February doesn’t seem all that out of the question. A long weekend approached and we committed to going – somewhere – but the local trails were still under a blanket of snow, ice, and fallen trees. So, we decided to ride out along the waterfront, hop on a 40-minute ferry, and spend a couple days meandering the rural communities of BC’s Sunshine Coast.

The weather broke as our plans came together, with two beautifully clear days ahead as we woke to escape the city for a night. Funky vernacular, interesting local businesses, and generous locals greeted us as soon as we rode off the ferry. Isn’t it amazing how getting out and actually doing something brings you home with so many stories of shared experience? We’ve got more to share from this short trip, but for now, here are seven rider portraits after we’d packed up to dangle our way into a sunny winter’s day.