Bobby’s Land Run 100 Moots Routt 45 – Jarrod Bunk

Bobby’s Land Run 100 Moots Routt 45
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Bobby knows the Gravel roads around Stillwater, when given the opportunity to make his ultimate gravel bike he chose the Moots Routt 45. This isn’t just any Routt though, this one has RSL tubing something that wasn’t an option until NAHBS this year. Other details include laser etched logos, and an engraved head tube. Bobby chose to use a Chris King 40th kit on this bike, to me something about the olive and Ti is just near perfect. The bike is outfitted with some new ENVE AR rims, Moots post, Thomson stem and a tried and true Salsa Cowbell bar. A Shimano Di2 build rounded it out with a custom machined Wolf tooth ring made to fit the new 9100 cranks.

Bobby and the crew at District Bicycles sure do know how to make one nice bike.


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  • Gus

    I assumed that if the combination of frame / stem fit a rider perfectly, one wouldn’t need spacers under the stem. Now I wonder if riders are creating that gap on purpose in order to accommodate things like top-tube / handlebar / stem bags?

    edit: forgot to mention that this bike rules

    • Jeremiah Klashorst

      I think full custom is still an up charge for Moots, so maybe he opted to save a little scratch by running some spacers on a stock frame size.

      I could also imagine that with a versatile, all-road style bike, you might want to be able to accommodate some different riding positions. You might want a lower position for road riding and then raise those bars for a bit of trail riding.

    • I’d say it has to do with fit a something like a TT-stem bar. Also, this bike is new. I’m sure he wants to make sure the stack height is correct before chopping it down.

      • Gus

        That’s a good point. I usually ride for a few months before I start chopping tubes.

  • alex

    Daaaaamn I like this build more than most of the Nahbs bikes, this thing is incredible!

  • planning_nerd

    what’s up with that extra weld around the seat tube below the seat cluster? the bike shown on the moots site doesn’t have it.

    • misterha

      its a thicker section welded to the seat tube and I think all moots have that wield, my vamoots cr did.

    • There’s nothing to worry about. It’s because they use an oversized diameter seat tube. That weld is a sleeve, welded to the inside, so you can run a standard diameter seat post. Just about every builder does that.

    • Mitch Lomacz

      It’s there to provide a better weld junction while having a thinner walled seat tube. Saves weight, too, as the butting lengths are basically customizable. A feature on nearly every Moots. I’m looking at several right now… Gotta go…

  • Quinn.e

    That’s a bad ass whip!!!

  • Marc Gasch

    Sick van+ bike combo!

  • That’s a beauty! Well done.

  • Ryan

    I love this guy. Anybody that knows this guy, loves this guy. Just ask.

    • Chris Valente

      I already love his Westy!

    • Bobby Wintle

      I love YOU, Ryan.

  • BuffyZA

    This thing is awesome!

  • Bobby Wintle

    Just to answer the questions on all of my headset spacers. I have long legs and no torso so I will always require spacers under the stem unless the head tube is massively tall. I left extra spacers on top because I will eventually run a Siren Fred Bar to attach aero bars for long distance bike packing gravel routes I plan to do. The first route I have in mind for the bike is Trans Oklahoma gravel. 360 miles of amazing Oklahoma back country roads. Thank you everyone for the love on the bike and the build. I spent hours and hours and days upon days on the Tour Divide this summer dreaming of this build. The bead blast Moots finish up against the 40th anniversary olive green Chris King group got me through some incredibly long and tough days on the Divide. It turned out better than I could have ever dreamed.

    • Brad Serls

      Damn this bike is stunning! SO jealous!

    • Me too man, don’t sweat it!

    • Beautiful brother, but you already know that!

    • DBordewisch

      Enve recommends no more the 40mm. of spacers from top bearing of headset to bottom of stem. It appears to have much more than that. A head tube extension or custom geometry could solve that. Just because one has short torso and long legs should not mean you ride a fork being used beyond the manufactures specifications. It would be interesting to hear from Enve and or the assembler of the bicycle. How this was discussed or if this voids the warranty of the fork. Yes the bicycle is gorgeous to look at. Based on the article it has served him well.

  • Brandeberry

    Super cool bike. No shade, but hydro brakes would make it perfect.

    • Wyatt Cave

      The brakes are my only complaint, I think with a bike that nice Paul Klampers are really the only cable-actuated option in my opinion. Personally, I think I would have gone hydro, but to each his own. Beautiful bike regardless, has me missing when I lived in Steamboat.

    • Bobby Wintle

      Brandeberry and Wyatt…I am waiting for the Shimano Dura Ace 9170 Hydro/Di2 shift/brake levers to hit the market and then they will immediately go on this bike. For now the most economical and good looking option was the Ultegra to BB7’s. I totally agree with you guys and I can’t wait for the new 9170.

      • Brandeberry

        I could not agree more that 9170 > your levers > R785 in the looks and ergo department. I have a Niner BSB with Di2 sitting on 40c’s. I hit up a fair amount of steep fire roads and single track. Couldn’t live without hydro brakes, but so wish my hoods matched the mechanical brake equivalent Dura Ace.

    • Kyle Cox

      And pedals would make it ridable. :P Sweet bike.

      • Pancho

        Hahaha! my thoughts exactly!

  • rusty

    That thing is incredible Bobby!

    • Bobby Wintle

      Thanks Rusty!!! It’s everything I could’ve imagined!!

  • kndl

    Why so long chainstays? I thought that tukt is the new black. Either way, this is beyond nice.

    • Touring bikes and endurance bikes will have longer stays to make the bike more stable. That’s my guess. Tukt is fun but can get a bit squirrely.

      • Mitch Lomacz

        The longer stays are definitely a deliberate choice in favoring stability over raciness. Plus is helps increase tire clearance. All good things for long distance gravel stuff!

      • Ham Sandwich

        tukt is life. you sacrifice all ride quality for tukt or you find a new hobby.

    • BikesAndCoffee

      Talked to one frame builder about it and he said that’s pretty much what they can be to fit that big a tire in it (clearance for a 45c with room). Sure there are ways to get around it but sure there are some constraints with tubing and what not. Also does kind of fit the bike’s intention as more touring/distance type bike as opposed to gravel race bike (what the route is).

  • Stumpjumper 29R

    Nice Van : )

    • Bobby Wintle

      Stump jumper THANKS!

      • Chris Valente

        Seriously. The past year I have spent much time scrolling the The Samba classifieds looking at campers for the family. Haven’t had the means (or frankly the courage) to pull the trigger on one, but you’re looks pretty primo! That bike ain’t bad either :).

  • Richard

    I saw one of these at Moots in Steamboat today, ironically (after my ski week was laid low by a torn hamstring) and it was beautiful in person, let me tell you. Those welds! Those wishbone seat stays! This is a beautiful build of a terrific frame.

  • Mike

    Dang, no complaints. I wonder what size rubber he’s running? The clearance is beautiful.

    • Bobby Wintle

      Mike, these are Bontrager CX0 700×38. On the ENVE AR Disc 4.5’s with an internal width of 25mm these tires are measuring with a caliper at almost 41mm…and I have TONS of clearance. Thank you for the comment man. This bike is going to take me places.

  • Harry

    Easily the best Moots build i have ever laid eyes upon

    • Agreed. It was a pleasant surprise when Jarrod sent this over.

    • Bobby Wintle

      Harry and John…Thank you so much. I am completely completely in love with how everything came together.

  • Kyle Polich

    What cassette is that? 42? XTR di2 rd?Looks great!

    • Looks about right

    • Bobby Wintle

      Kyle, for now I am running an XTR Di2 rd with the XTR 11-40 cassette. Pretty pumped on the range with the 44t chainring for now. I may drop down chainring sizes or throw on a 42t cassette for more loaded gravel riding/bikepacking.

  • I have a fun story about the Routt 45. I emailed Moots about a custom frame back in April of 2014. Here’s what I asked for:

    “Tire clearance: 700 x 45mm (big)
    Disc brake mounts, front and rear
    Rear rack mounts, bottle bosses in the center triangle and on the underside of the down tube, and on the fork
    Tough tubing, strong enough for trail riding and the occasional crash (I tend to crash regularly)

    For the geometry, I’m looking for a classic road riding position, so the bike would look pretty similar to a cyclocross bike. The differences would be the mounts and bosses and the tire clearance. I would run it with drop bars and try to do some aggressive short and long-distance touring and plenty of commuting.”

    Corey Piscopo got back to me right away:

    “For the tire clearance, we would want to have a little more conversation
    around the intended use of the bike and whether it is going to be used as a
    traditional touring bike or used on rougher terrain with a knobby tire.
    Basically anything beyond a 40 width tire pushes into the realm of a
    mountain bike rear end, while 40 and under can be accommodated on our
    Psychlo-X rear end. You are also going to encounter a big change in the
    handling going between a 45 and 28 tire, but we can try to design for both
    as best as possible.”

    A few months later, the Routt 45 came out, which was EXACTLY what I was talking about. I am 100% sure Moots must have been developing and testing before I asked. A year later, gravel bikes went from niche to norm and now there’s 50 of these bikes on the market.

    Stoked that my dream bike is now on-trend.

    • Bobby Wintle

      Max, so so pumped you are on board with this style of bike. To me it is perfection for a very capable gravel and dirt road bicycle while still being able to be incredibly capable on any paved ride. I love Moots and they have completely smashed it with this bike.

  • Mike Spadafora

    One of the best looking bikes ever! Wow, I am sure it rides as good as it looks! Well done!

  • Greg

    I could have been that dude but instead I’m this dude – green with envy

    • Johnny Vanderwell

      green with Chris King

  • Frank

    Very nice.
    Have you got a picture of it afterwards when it’s a bit grubby?
    Best, Frank

    • Agreed! If I ever see Bobby with this bike I can wait to shoot it! Preferably getting some air! 🤘🏻

      • Bobby Wintle

        I am in for this 1000% !!!!!!!!

  • bicycle640

    Egads – that is badass & so is the VW. Shred it 🚵

  • vopop

    Price tag would be appropriate here.

    • Smithhammer

      Why? This isn’t a bike you’re going to buy off the shelf anyway. But I suppose you could start by going the Moots site, looking at what a stock build costs, and then do the math from there….

  • Steve C

    liking the fact he’s rocking BB7 brakes! I still think a well set up set of BB7’s out perform the mushy TRP Spyre which I’ve been struggling with over the winter months in NW England. Nice build, slightly jealous if I’m honest

    • Smithhammer

      Klampers, and not looking back. ;-)

      • Steve C

        nice. 190£ each over here! :-0

        • Smithhammer

          Yeah, they’re not cheap. But the quality is over the top, and they’re the last mech brakes I’ll likely ever need to buy.

          • You can’t beat the stiffness of a Klamper with meticulously-installed compressionless housing.

    • colavitos_ghost

      A lotta people might disagree, but I’m with you. BB7’s are awesome!

    • Bobby Wintle

      Steve, thanks man!! I love BB7’s as long as it isn’t wet and muddy/sandy and the wear and tear starts immediately. I am waiting for the new Shimano Dura Ace 9170 Hydro/Di2 shift/brake levers as well. Come June this bike should be completely finished.

      • Steve C

        I’m not jealous. Not one bit. Nope not me! 😎

  • Martijn Landzaat

    Damn what a nice bike, almost the perfect package!
    Are you sure the HB is a CowChipper and not a Cowbell?
    Looks like a lot less flare then the CowChipper.

    • Bobby Wintle

      Martijn good eye man! They are indeed 44cm Salsa Cowbells…for now. I am patiently awaiting my new set of Easton EC70 AX carbon bars. I can’t wait to get them on here. Also on the way is my Moots RSL 90mm 0 degree stem!!

      • Thanks for the correction guys, I’ve updated the post.

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  • Trenton South

    Bicyclepubes would say that this is not tukt, but I think this would be a stable missile. Love your westy. Reminds me of Nacho from drive nacho drive.

    • Garrett Topham

      I thought so too scrolling by the photo but Nacho isn’t a Synchro. This is much cooler.

  • Bluejaystr

    You should do a reportage on that van :)

  • David Taylor

    Woo, Bobby!! Great to see you on here!

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  • Liam Griffin

    Off topic…
    Bobby, which rear hitch rack is that on the VW? Is it the new T2?
    I currently have the Apex Swing, which allows for rear hatch access, but sucks with a lot of different frames.
    Looking at potentially swapping for something like what you’re running, but wondering what rear access is like?

    • Bobby Wintle

      Liam this is the brand new Kuat NV 2.0. They are incredible. Really stable and so easy to use.

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  • Matthew