The 2015 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in Victoria

The 2015 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in Victoria
Words by Dylan VanWeelden, photos by Dylan VanWeelden and Ryan Richardson

The Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC) was created in the vision of a giant cultural rubber band snapping in the face of the serious UCI cross racing scene. Trainers, embrocation and skinsuits are nowhere to be found at SSCXWC. The barrier height rule was tossed to the birds and replaced with barriers hosting flames intended to burn your shins. For those that have witnessed the spectacle you know of the past Tequilla Shortcuts, Foam Pit, Thunderdome, Junk Yard Jumps and endless Feats of Strength.

sscxwc-race-3 copy

The ninth edition of the dumbest race known to Neanderthals just came down on the polite town of Victoria, BC. Racers follow no rules and live on their own regard, dressed to the nines and leaving sobriety at the door. The only rule is each winner must get a tattoo adorning the SSCXWC theme. This year Mical Dyck and Adam Craig took home the honors with world champion tattoos and golden speedos.

The Portland Collective brought in a dowry of joints as a sacrificial lamb to the riders in hopes to bring it back to PDX for the ten year anniversary. At the finish line racers were rewarded with doobies and the crowd burst into a cloud of smoke. Apparently everyone got so stoned they forgot what was going on and Portland won the bid. Lesson learned is bribes always work.

The 2015 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in Victoria

We sent our partners in crime out to try and stay sober enough to document the debauchery. Here’s a collection of images from eyes of Dylan VanWeelden and Ryan Richardson. Follow more shenanigans on Instagram @dylanvanweelden and @singletrack_media_works.



  • caliente

    wow, these people look so whacky and fun!

  • badgrahamer

    This post is in extreme contrast to the one preceding it. I love that cycling manifests itself in so many fun and different ways.

  • Tyler Shannon

    I went to the SSCXWC in LA and it was hands down the most fun race I’ve ever attended. This looks like it topped that one for sure.

  • AP

    Best weekend I’ve had in as long as I can remember.

  • Chris Valente

    hahaha #47 ouch!

  • Matt

    so stoked theyre doing it in portland next year

  • mr. apodaca APODACA


    • Julius

      I love your avatar. Just sayin.

  • Jay Elling

    thats a lot of OTB.

  • david__g

    Reign in Mud makes it to Adam Craig’s down tube! We made it! To what, I don’t know!

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  • Óðinn

    Looks like fun.