The Made in the USA Franco Grimes Disc All Road

The guys over at Franco had two new bicycles with them at the 2015 Sea Otter Classic. One was a flashy cyclocross racing frame with a carbon fork and carbon wheels. The other, however was a little more unique. It was the same frame, yet built with a steel fork, Di2, disc brakes, fenders and painted a forest green. While the fork they had with them was a painted All-City fork, Franco Bicycles will be making their own, in the same facilities that make their frames here in the USA.

These frames are multi-use, semi-customizable, and are made in the USA for under $1,500. Available in Summer of 2015, you can reach out to them and get put on the waiting list. Head over to the Franco Grimes site for more information.

  • dan scheie

    Is that the Brooks Cambium bar tape? I’ve read that its a pain to get on without wrinkles.

    • recurrecur

      Please, do tell. I’m just about to wrap some bars with the Cambium tape.

      • I’ve wrapped it before. Just like Newbaum’s… unwrap the backing as you go around the bars and lay it evenly.

      • Christian Cummins

        For this bike in particular, we (Franco Bikes), double wrapped the bar tape. For as beautiful and nice as it feels, the Cambium tape is harder to wrap. But worth it!

        • dan scheie

          Double wrapped as in two layers of Brooks, or a different base tape?

    • williamson

      Looks like the cambium bar tape. While wrapping I kept mine pulled good and taut – worked out just fine.

      Another example of the Cambium tape:

      Classy bike.

    • frankie garcia

      must say it didnt lay even with any amount of effort. it just doesnt have any compliance =/

  • Dobry

    That’s a nice bike. Frame of great utility, nice color, nicely put together.

    What fenders are those? The hardware looks unique.

    • Portland Design Works

    • dan scheie

      Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders. Had them on my last bike, might have to get a set for my new bike and have them paint matched after seeing these.

  • Western Rapid

    A pseud-ish question (but hey, why are we here?): what’s the current deal with those Challenge Chicanes? Online sales sites appear to show that they’ve got a different tread, and sidewall, and that the Alamanzo is the ‘fast’ gravel tyre now.

    Anybody know if these are current model, or old ones?

    I know, I know…

    • Paul Turner

      The Alamanzo is basically the older Grifo XS but with an added anti puncture strip thought casing and marketed at Gravel etc. The Chicanes replaced the Grifo XS as the fast dry weather Cyclocross tyre with more aggressive side tread ;)

  • Charles Southgate
    • kermitonwheels

      Good spot!

  • scottmbobbitt